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Appalachian Dialects

Bibliography on Cherokee Language

Marilou Awiakta:
Cherokee/Appalachian Poet and Essayist

Reading List for NEH Project
Teaching Appalachian Literature

"Mad Ann(e)" Bailey: Revolutionary War Heroine

Books for Children and Young Adults:

Ruth and Latrobe Carroll's Mid-Twentieth Century Picture Books: The Tatum Family Series

Appalachian Fiction for Children and Young Adults Richard Chase: Annotated Bibliography

Appalachian Folktales
in Children's Literature and Collections

Davy Crockett and Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett

Realistic Appalachian Picture Books

From the Brothers Grimm:
Tom Davenport’s Fairy Tale Films

Appalachian Poetry for Children and Young Adults

Folklore in Books by Virginia Hamilton

Appalachian Nonfiction for Children and Young Adults

Adaptations of Minority Legends: A Look at a Re-Telling of "John Henry"

Appalachian Christmas Books for Children and Young Adults

Ray and Orville Hicks, Storytellers of North Carolina

Sociological Threads Within the Quilt of Appalachian Children’s Literature: A Survey of Historical Fiction

Books by May Justus for Children and Young Adults

Other Bibliographies for All Ages: Books by George Ella Lyon

Nature and the Environment in Appalachian Literature

Books by Becky Mushko (web page by the author)

Folklore Themes in Longer Appalachian Fiction Gayle Ross, Cherokee Storyteller

Background Resources on Appalachian Children's Literature

Frankie Silver Resources

Appalachian Riddles

Dramas and Tales by R. Rex Stephenson

Steve Fesenmaier's Annotated Bibliographies of West Virginia and Appalachian Films

James Still's Books for and about Children: Bibliography and Study Guide and Other Appalachian Literature for Adults about Childhood

Appalachian Folktales: Background Resources

Annotated Index of Appalachian Folktales

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Appalachian Folktales in Film, Drama, and Storytelling Recordings

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Music in Appalachian Literature

See also Appalachian Studies Association Bibliography,
MountainLit (WV authors and books set in WV) Bridgeport Public Library, Appalachian Studies Bibliography Cumulation 1994-2004, WVU
Appalachian Films, Animations, Documentaries, Sitcoms and Variety Shows: Judy's Picks
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