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Appalachian Storytelling Event. Appalachian Studies Program. Virginia Tech, 24 June 2013. It's not in this web site but this site has photos and audio of children's art and stories in response to Jack Tales, with a review of the day's activities, reading list, and links. (All the links below are to AppLit pages.)

The Art of Being Southern - poem by Jessica Wimmer, Ferrum College student, 2009

Ashpet - drawing by Chelseah, a Franklin Country, VA primary grade student

Catskins - Illustrations by Russell Kent's Kindergarten Class - Dudley Elementary, Franklin County, VA

Childhood Dreams: Frank X Walker's "Death by Basketball" - essay by Kerel Whitehead, Ferrum College student, 2007

Creative Activities for Three Appalachian Folktales - by Frances Auville - includes jump rope chants and a rewritten tale by elementary students

Dear Diary - fantasy story by elementary student Erin Miller

Father and 14-Year-Old Son Interview Professors for National History Day Project - article by Michelle Vincent, Ferrum College student, 2005, about North Carolina student Stephen Gordon II

Ferradiddledumday - drawings by Ferrum Elementary students (VA)

Ferrum Performers Keep Jack Tales Alive - drawing by Sam, a 3rd grader in Franklin County, VA

How the Cricket Got its Churp - tale by elementary student Drew Echols

How the Porcupine Got His Quills - tale by Jessica Faught in 7th grade

I am a Modern Day Appalachian Woman - poem by Lisa Norvell, Ferrum College student, 2003

Illustrations for Don West Song "Kentucky Miners" - paintings by Ashton Long, Ferrum College student, Fall 2006

James Taylor Adams - author page by Michelle Vincent, Ferrum College senior and ACA Ledford scholar, 2005-6

    Also editor of tales from the James Taylor Adams Collection added to Fiction and Poems section in 2005

The Magic Ruby - story by Wendy Trotter in 4th grade

Marilou Awiakta's Poems - short essay by Thomas Fast, Ferrum College student, 2003

Mountain Marbles:  An Appalachian Tale - written by Tracy L. Roberts when she was an M. A. student at Hollins University

Mountain Marbles:  An Appalachian Tale - illustrations created by Stella Reinhard when she was an M. A. student at Hollins University

Mutsmag - an online picture book adaptation by R. Rex Stephenson, illustrated by K-3 school children of Franklin County, VA, designed by Ferrum College student R. Wymann Spencer. Introduction by Tina L. Hanlon gives background and samples of the children's drawings, with others displayed in AppLit's Picture Gallery.

“Mutsmag” and “Molly Whuppie”: The Antithesis of the Usual Female Heroine - by Corey Brooks, Ferrum College student, 2008

Mutsmag vs. Hansel and Gretel - reading journal entry by Jessica Foley, Ferrum College student, 2002

Polly is Dead - poem by Drew Howell in 6th grade, in response to Polly Vaughn by Moser

Puppet Plays by Fifth-Grade Students - 4 plays compiled by media specialist DeAnn Setler

Responses to Rex Stephenson's "Mutsmag" - reading journal entry by Laurie Borslien, Ferrum College student, 2002

Responses to Rex Stephenson's "Mutsmag" - by Brandon Showell, Ferrum College student, 2008

Responses to Rex Stephenson's "Mutsmag" - by Ty'Neisha Atkins, Ferrum College student, 2009

Review of Davy Crockett Stories - by Sam, age 8, 3rd grade, Lake Webster Elementary School, Indiana

Students Write Jack Tales - by Merri Hess, with a number of tales written by fourth graders

Send it to the Crick: A Student's Reflection on Dialect Differences - by Matthew Hilliard, student at Mountain State University

Superstitions Recorded by English 101 Students contains writings by 7 students at Mountain State University, 2003

Teaching Appalachia - essay contains writing by school children: 2 poems and excerpts from literary essay and author interview

Teaching Four "Jack" Books - by Anne Newlun - contains new chants for the giant written by kindergarten students

"Where I'm From" by Billie Quesenberry, Ferrum College student, 2015, inspired by George Ella Lyon poem

"Where I'm From" Poems by Ferrum College Students - written in Appalachian Cluster

"Where We've Been Today" - poem by Ferrum College Appalachian Cluster and Team Estonoa in St. Paul, VA, Apr. 10, 2010

The Ferrum College Jack Tale Players discuss Appalachian folklore
and history with students at Bascomb Elementary School,
Woodstock, Georgia, May 2002

Jack Tale Player Jody Brown talks to students
at Bascomb Elementary School,
Woodstock, Georgia, May 2002

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