2005 New and Once Lost Films
on West Virginia and Appalachia

October 2005

Steve Fesenmaier
Research Librarian
West Virginia Library Commission



Herb Smith's Thoughts in the Presence of Fear, Robert Salyer's Sludge, and The Appalachians is listed on my 2005 page at http://www.ferrum.edu/AppLit/Bibs/2005WVFilm.htm


Appalshop of Whitesburg , Ky. Celebrated its 35 anniversary in 2005. It is also promoting the showing of their two films about the Buffalo Creek Disaster - Buffalo Creek Flood - An Act of Man (1975) and Buffalo Creek Revisited (1984). Mimi Pickering's film on WV native Hazel Dickens - It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song (2002) was chosen as best long  documentary at the Rural Route Film Festival in 2004. Appalshop filmmaker Robert Slayer  finally released the film that he had been working on for years - Sludge.


The South Charleston Museum celebrated its first full year of showcasing West Virginia 's newest films, starting with Judy Miller's The Captives in July 2004. During the next twelve months there were many world and West Virginia premieres of films about West Virginia . The loss of The Amazing Delores was marked with a special night with her mother and sister in attendance.


Mari-Lynn Evans, a native of Bulltown, Braxton County , premiered her three-part series, The Appalachians, along with a book and CD. She received rave reviews for all three items.


Dear Wendy, based on a screenplay by Lars von Trier, who used research collected by his assistant in the Southern coalfields, had its well-reviewed world premiere at the Sundance 2005 Film Festival.


B.J. Gudmundsson's long-anticipated feature film, #30- Cal Price and the Pocahontas Times premiered at the Pocahontas County Free Libraries headquarters in Marlinton, touring the state. She also produced two films with WV civil rights leader Joan C. Browning on two well-known WV Methodist ministers. She was chosen 2005 WV Filmmaker of the Year in Sutton by the board of the Landmark Studio.


Ray Schmitt was chosen as "WV Filmmaker of the Year 2004" at the WV Filmmakers Film Festival in Sutton and produced several new films, including a documentary on his long-running Octoberfest gathering, a documentary on UFOs in Hardy County, and a film called The Whole Hog on traditional butchering.


Francesca Karle, a local junior in high school, made On the River's Edge, about the homeless in Huntington , and was profiled on CBS's Early Show in April.


Diana Sole finally completed The Soul of the Senate, her biography of U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, premiering it at The Clay Center. She provided copies that were sent to all WV public libraries by The WV Library Commission who also purchased DVD copies of The Appalachians for WV's 97 main libraries.


Wayne Ewing returned to West Virginia to make The Last Campaign, one of the best documentaries of 2005. WV is where he began his film career 30 years earlier making If Elected. This time he chronicled his first hero, Warren McGraw, losing a race rather than winning. His film was chosen as "best film" by the WV Filmmakers Film Festival.


2005 was an extremely good year for West Virginia and Appalachia 's many world-class filmmakers.


Asra Nomani and Standing Alone in Mecca : An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam

50 mins. ABC News, Nightline

Asra Nomani was raised a Moslem in Morgantown , WV . Her father was a WVU professor, and her mother owned a clothing boutique. As a Wall Street Journal reporter, she traveled the world. In 2005 she published Standing Alone in Mecca : An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam and in 2004 she published Tantrika : Traveling the Road of Divine Love. This Nightline episode talks to her about her life in WV where she faced repression for being a woman at the mosque and her thoughts on women and Islam. Access: ABC Nightline -http://www.abcnewsstore.com/ The code is N050520 01 and the cost is $29.95.


Buckwheat and Ralph

28 mins. 2004 Real Earth Productions

Ralph Hartman was a young boy living down the road from filmmaker Ray Schmitt. Schmitt used to see Ralph driving a tractor along the country road when he was only 5 or 6 years old. Buckwheat was Ralph's pet German shepherd. It was filmed over the course of a year and reflects the changing seasons, the tranquility of a mountain valley farm in Hardy County , West Virginia , and the relationship of a young boy with his dog and horses.  Access: Real Earth Productions


Cancer Stories: Lessons in Love, Loss and Hope

55 mins. 2003 Reed School of Journalism, WVU and WVPBS

Maryanne Reed, acting dean of WVU's P.I. Reed School of Journalism, and Instructor Clint Wilhelm produced, wrote, and directed this documentary about five West Virginians facing and fighting cancer. Journalism students did most of the shooting and interviewing. They were given complete access to videotape appointments, treatments, even surgeries. The various forms of therapy - surgery, chemotherapy and radiation - were all done at the WVU Mary Babbs Randolph Cancer Center in Morgantown . The first person portrayed is Pam Tsuhlares, an artist, whose family includes 12 women who died from cancer. Her husband and one sister talk about how much they love and appreciate her. Jennifer and her husband have two young children. Since Pam lost her own mother to cancer while she was growing up, she feels that she is their "worst enemy." Tim Grounds is working class and lives in a trailer house. He and his wife recently split up so when he gets a diagnosis of skin cancer he has to struggle without her support. However, he does have friends in Keyser, so he moves his family there. He takes his two young children to the beach and fishing, trying to enjoy every moment he can while he can. He continues smoking, and his skin cancer returns so he has to have another operation. Like Pam he has to do the best he can to help his kids with their homework and make meals. Luckily, he has his Keyser friends. Cindy Drummond is a 32-year-old clinical nurse who is diagnosed with breast cancer. She also has two young children - boys 2 and 4 years old. She keeps working, and realizes what her patients are going through. After a growth is found in her other breast, she is "terrified the cancer has returned," but learns latter that the tumor is not malignant. Brenda White has second stage ovarian cancer. She is lucky that it was found before it had spread. Her husband is her main support, doing the necessary housework to help her endure. Finally, we meet Geraldine Thomas who turns 75 during the film. She lives in Summersville and is diagnosed with lung cancer. She has 5 children and 16 grandchildren who help her during her trials. She is known as always being full of laughter, even bringing joy to her doctors and nurses. She died finally - whereas the other patients were still alive in 2003 when the film was finished. The best message from this film is that cancer is not a death sentence, and in this case only one of the patients dies during the two years of filming. The NY Times had a story about the need to reorient medicine toward the survivors of cancer, not just the victims. There are millions of people who have survived cancer, even ones who are often diagnosed terminal. This film reinforces the feeling that there is always hope. Various School of Journalism students give their feelings about working on the project, talking about their own relatives dying from the disease that has recently replaced heart disease as the biggest cause of death in the U.S. All of the students had to face their own fears along with the subjects they were filming. One of the doctors even shows some emotion about the experience. Access: The book, which includes a DVD of the documentary, is available for $40 from the WVU Press at http://www.wvupress.com by calling 866-988-7737.


Getting Over Arnette

25 min. 1997 WNPB-TV

What do you do to distract yourself from the impossibly agonizing pain of romantic heartbreak? West Virginia author Pinckney Benedict (Town Smokes, Dogs of God) answers this question with unexpectedly bizarre twists. From the opening twang of Hank Williams' "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" to the end credit's defiant "Hard Headed Woman" by Wanda Jackson, this drama creates a rockabilly lovesick world of trailer courts, bowling alleys, and bars. WVU theater professor Jerry McGonigle directed the film adaptation and Laura Benedict wrote the screenplay. Access: John Nakashima, WVPBS


The Gift Horse

25 min. 1997 WVPB TV

Tom Nicholson, director of "Gilligan's Appalachia ", directed this film adaptation of Denise Giardini's original screenplay. Ansel Sizemore wins the lottery, wanting to donate the money for a music hall in Charleston . The one condition is that it must be named after his father, Ertel "Froggy" Sizemore. The local art administrators are torn between the money and the "wrong name" for the local temple of high culture. Wickedly funny and

poignant. Access: WVLC

Ghosts of Green Bottom

28 mins. 2004         

Director Daniel Boyd and executive producer Robert Maslowski created Red Salt and Reynolds in 2003. Maslowski retired from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in 2004. This is their second award-winning film on WV archaeology. In 1825, William Jenkins did the unthinkable. He crossed the rugged Appalachians to establish a Southern-style plantation on the wilderness fringe of Western Virginia . At its peak in the mid-1800s, the sprawling estate employed around eighty slaves working seventeen hundred acres of rich Ohio River bottomland. Being loyal Virginians, the family cast its lot with the Confederacy during the Civil War. Their actions would trigger a series of fateful events that ended the plantation lifestyle and nearly destroyed the family's once-proud legacy. Over a century later all that remained of this massive enterprise was the family home. With the support of the US Army Corps of Engineers, a team of archeologists turned a lot of dirt to rediscover the past and help interpret this lost era in American history. Traditional research and modern archaeology combine to reveal the Ghosts of Green Bottom. Access: http://www.danielboyd.com/big.htm


He Went About Doing Good

47 mins. 2005 PatchWork Films

The title comes from the Bible - Acts 10:38. The Reverend Carl W. Renick, Sr. was born in Lewisburg , West Virginia , on March 12, 1913.  As a boy he delivered groceries for local merchants while attending elementary school. At last, a high school for blacks was opened in Greenbrier County , and Carl Wayland Renick was able to finish school graduating with the first Class of Bolling High School in 1936 at the age of 22.  By working summers at The Greenbrier, he was able to save money to go to college and graduated from Negro North Carolina A&T in 1942. It was there that he met and married Miss Edna Tonkins. In 1950, they returned to Lewisburg, where Carl worked at The Greenbrier and made the decision to enter the ministry. He was ordained in 1960 and spent the next 21 years pastoring at Methodist churches in West Virginia and Virginia . After nine years at Calloway UMC in Arlington , VA , Rev. Renick retired and came home to Lewisburg where he is Pastor Emeritus at the church of his youth, John Wesley United Methodist Church . Produced and directed by B.J. Gudmundsson. Executive produced by Joan C. Browning. The world premiere took place in Lewisburg in March 2005. Access: PatchWork Films, http://www.patchworkfilms.com


In the  Ringer

45 mins. 2005 

WV filmmaker and professor Daniel Boyd is in for the shock of his life when he takes his family to a pro-wrestling event and finds himself going from spectator to participant. Little does he know that 4-time XMCW champion, Mister X, has been carrying a bitter 16-year grudge for not being cast as a child actor in Boyd's 1988 feature film Chillers. That fateful day spurs a wild, five month course of events with X and his evil entourage that will lead Boyd from being the oldest man in XMCW history to win the XIC belt, to being scarred for life in the brutal aftermath of the title defense. The film documents the agony and the ecstasy of a fan forced inside the cruel, real world of professional wrestling. Access: http://www.danielboyd.com/big.htm

James Boudjema Merzouk - Braxton County Legend

53 mins. 2005  

Sandy Sowell, a well-known singer and artist in the Charleston area, was commissioned to make a film about an amazing man. He was born in North Africa, ended up in West Virginia becoming a boxer, and then a Spanish and French teacher at Braxton County High School for 30 years. Greg Carroll, a historian in WV Archives, narrates. Access: Sandy Sowell


Jesse the Jackhammer - The Documentary

25 mins.  2005 Crowza.com

Jesse is billed as "the Jesco White of the wrestling world" in WV. Like the "Dancing Outlaw," he may not succeed, but he always keeps trying. Jesse Mitchell is 29 and grew up in Kentucky . He came to WV ten years ago, becoming part of the local wrestling scene. "Crowza", real name Edward Crouser, is a native of Dunbar , West Virginia . He is 29 years old and has been on the independent professional wrestling circuit for a total of 9 years. His first exposure came through professional wrestling journalism. He later expanded into the sport itself by becoming a referee and later a wrestler and manager. He has worked in several different federations in the tri-state area over the years. He is currently working in the IWA East Coast, a promotion dedicated to bringing in the top talent from all over the professional wrestling world to West Virginia . When he is not wrestling, he works as an IT Manager and website designer. He co-directed the film with local student filmmaker, Christian Harper. Access:  http://www.crowza.com


King of Stink

55 mins. 2005     

The arrival of this wild leek of Appalachia (allium tricoccum) is celebrated each spring with festivals and community ramp suppers in the high mountain regions of North Carolina , Tennessee , and both Virginias . Come along on a tour of a dozen of these festivals. What at first appears to be only a relic of time-honored foraging from the wild and fond memories of Mama making-do for her poor family transforms into today's popular annual fundraising feasts that herald the true arrival of spring. Modern gourmet chefs and adventurous "foodies" are now discovering what the mountain folk have known all along. "The ramp is a good herb," and good for what ails you. Access: Golden Lion Media. http://www.goldenlionmedia.com/


Lake Forest

103 mins. 2005

Lake Forest is a world inside of another. It revolves around the lives of Blair Harding (Eric Lee) and Ashley Brown (Ashley Courtland Stinnett) in one bizarre sub-reality after another. It throws the audience into the delusions from the start after it begins in Lake Forest Psychiatric Hospital . The two patients then experience a string of nightmares that leave the audience taking the same ride. The drugs, the murders, the horrors inside Blair's grandfather's house, are all products of this medicinal induced world of insanity. As the movie roller coasters from one hallucination into the next, the two encounter a drug deal gone bad, a series of murders, and one psychotic family out for vengeance. Filmed in Huntington and the local area plus Ohio , it has been compared to the works of Wes Craven. Not rated but contains adult language and situations. Eric Lee wrote, directed, and starred in the film. Access: Ashley Stinnett at - Cheep Thrills Media Productions / Ten Dollar Movie Company P.O. Box 1147 Lavalette, WV 25535 304-544-6740 mailto:ACSCJ1980@aol.com


The Last Campaign

107 mins. 2005 Wayne Ewing Productions

A unique documentary that combines footage from Mr. Ewing's first film, If Elected (1972) that profiled WV politician Warren McGraw's Raleigh County race against coalmine owner Tracy Hylton with footage of McGraw's primary and general election races in 2004. The overwhelming power of corporate money in contemporary elections is shown. McGraw beat Hylton when he was outspent 10 to 1. In 2004 he lost when he was outspent 100 to 1. These funds were spent airing the meanest attack ads in American political history.   Access: http://www.thelastcampaign.com 


Martha and Me

7 mins. 2005     

Charleston filmmaker Dennis Strom tells the story of his wintry, five-month journey back and forth to Alderson , West Virginia , covering Martha Stewart's incarceration for a TV entertainment news show. It's a light-hearted look at what happens when swarms of media converge at a rural intersection near the main gate of Alderson Prison. Although the cameras are there to "get the shot" of Martha entering the prison, it soon becomes apparent that the more interesting story is the media itself and its impact on Alderson. And vice-versa. It is a montage of interviews with media personalities and local people as well as footage shot in and around Alderson. It is also currently entered in film contests, one of which is A&E's "$25,000 Finish Your Documentary" contest. Access: Dennis Strom, ARTISTROM@aol.com


Mixed Martial Arts in West Virginia

15 mins. 2004 Kevin Carpenter

In modern times no sport has revolutionized the way our police and military trains hand-to-hand combat as much as the new sport of Mixed Martial Arts. A new style of fighting was introduced to the world in the first Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993. Royce Gracie using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu defeated all comers; size and fighting style did not matter. He repeated the feat in two more UFCs, proving that his wins were not a fluke. Martial Arts is a combination of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and other combat disciplines. These morphs of fighting, knowledge with rules that protect fights from danger, have made MMA a sensation worldwide. This film looks into the issues of West Virginia promoters, fighters, and regulators. Royce Gracie, often referred to the Muhammad Ali of MMA, gives us a unique perspective of the sport. The WV Athletic Commission raises interesting questions and concerns about the sport.  Access: Kevin Carpenter at elkhotel@elkhotel.com


The Oktoberfest Gathering

95 mins. 2005

For over 30 years filmmakers Ray and Judy Schmitt have been hosting an Oktoberfest Gathering at their farm in Mathias , WV .  The idea originated in 1974 when the Schmitt's wanted to thank friends who helped them convert an old sheep barn into a weekend getaway. Their friends invited other friends, and when the children grew up and went away to college, many of them continued coming back each year. People camp out for as many as 5 days in the meadow, and the gatherings are highlighted by a potluck BBQ supper and bluegrass and acoustic jam sessions lasting late into the night. In 2004 folks came from as far away as Washington State, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and DC, as well as many local West Virginians. The 2004 Oktoberfest Gathering was celebrated with a "lawn concert" on a hay wagon and commemorative T-shirts. Many fine musicians participated in this event which was recorded live. The documentary also contains archival film and still photos from previous years. Access: Real Earth Productions


On the River's Edge

85 mins. 2005     

Francesca Karle, a 17-year-old Chesapeake , Ohio, High School student, decided to do her Girl Scout Gold Award project on the homeless. She began filming during September 2004 using a JVC camcorder. Her parents spent $1,000 on the tape and other costs. The film follows the chronically homeless in the region - people who would rather live on the streets or river's edge than stay in shelters. Access: $25 for DVD bigfoot1@netacs.net


Paper Clips

82 mins. 2004

In the small coal town of Whitwell , Tennessee , about 40 miles northwest of Chattanooga , a middle school class decided to investigate the Holocaust. During the coming years, they receive worldwide fame - as well as more than 24 million paper clips. They save 6 million for the Jews who were murdered and 5 million for Nazi's other victims including homosexuals, Roma (gypsies), Catholics, and others. Some friends find and transport an actual railroad car used to ship the victims to the camps where they died. This railroad car is now a museum with the 11 million paper clips. Chosen as one of the best documentaries by the National Board of Review 2004.  Access - Swank Motion Pictures http://www.paperclipsmovie.com/


Rabbit Hash - The Center of the Universe

90 mins. 2006 Echelon Entertainment

In the style of Les Blank, Michael Moore, and Errol Morris, director Jude Gerard Preset presents a humorous portrait of Rabbit Hash, KK, a small town on the Ohio River . The focus of the film is the town's election of a street dog, Goofy, as mayor. The many characters that inhabit the town are also profiled. Wynona Judd is the guest celebrity who seems to understand the ways of the town. (She grew up nearby in Ashland , KY ) Access - To purchase http://www.rabbithashthemovie.com 


Return to the Parlor City - The New Martinsville Story

32 mins. 1998 RBW Production

LeMoyne Coffield and R.B. Wilson compiled footage about New Martinsville going back to early days. There is narration, telling the audience who the various people are and explaining what the locations are. Access - Jim Fitzsimmons, 304-455-2134 New Martinsville Museum


So Here I Am.

2005 Ohio Landscape Productions

Ora Anderson , now 93, was a journalist living in southeastern Ohio during the Great Depression. In this oral history, he recalls the environmental and social conditions that led to the establishment of the Wayne National Forest and our evolving relationship with the land. Along with historical photographs and emotionally evocative music, Ora Anderson's first-hand account gives life to a significant chapter of American history with clarity, hope, and a uniquely Appalachian perspective. It was voted Best Documentary (1st place) in the 2005 Appalachian Film Festival in Huntington . Access - http://www.ohiolandscape.org/ora.html


The Soul of the Senate - Robert C. Byrd

55 mins. 2005 Motion Masters

A biography of WV US senator Robert C. Byrd. Byrd was born Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr. on November 20th, 1917 in Wilkesboro , NC. His mother died and he was given to his mother's sister and her husband, Vlurma and Titus Byrd. They adopted him and changed his name to Robert Carlyle Byrd. His adopted father drove a horse-drawn wagon for a local brewery in Bluefield , WV. He eventually graduated from high school in Stotesbury in Raleigh County where he met his future wife, Erma. He learned to love music in high school where he played the violin and bass drum. After working as a butcher and grocer, he began his political career when he was elected to the WV House of Delegates. He became the longest serving U.S. senator and challenged the Bush Administration's attack on the separation of powers during the second Iraq War that began in March 2003. Access: every public library and school in WV has a copy. To purchase a copy, contact Motion Masters.


Spring Night, Summer Night

82 mins. 1965   

From the Village Voice - A discomfiting drama of Appalachian poverty and possible incest made in the mid '60s and unseen in the 35 years since it screened at MOMA (and at drive-ins under the name Miss Jessica Is Pregnant). Shooting on location in southeastern Ohio, with college theater vets as the feuding young lovers who might share a dad, director J.L. Anderson didn't seek to dispel hillbilly stereotypes any more aggressively than, say, Shelby Lee Adams has. (Close-ups of gnawing and slurping mouths abound.) It is like a slow swig of Blatz on a dusty road-and maybe the missing link between Shadows and The Last Picture Show. Shown at the 2005 Rural Routes Film Festival in NYC.


Standing on Holy Ground

62 mins. 2005 PatchWork Films

B.J. Gudmundsson and Joan C. Browning continued what they began with He Went About Doing Good with this film about Methodist minister Rev. Dr. Patricia A Jarvis. Born the granddaughter of West Virginia 's last Methodist circuit rider and relative of Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, she married Julian George Sulgit, Jr. in 1969. After teaching for three years in Sierra Leone , West Africa , Patricia and Julian returned to WV. They worked at the Charleston District Outreach Ministries, the integrated St. Stephen's United Methodist Church at Coal Branch Heights and Trinity United Methodist Church in Glenville. Upon completing their doctorates, they were appointed the first husband and wife co-pastors of Trinity United Methodist Church in Bluefield , and finally, Lewisburg United Methodist Church in Greenbrier County , WV . The film is a portrait of a family living a life of faith and a couple with a strong commitment to social justice. Funded by the Lewisburg United Methodist Church. Access - PatchWork Films http://www.patchworkfilms.com


Stephen King's The Road Virus Heads North

21 mins. 2004 

WVSU instructor David Brock, a native of Logan County , WV , adapted a Stephen King short story, setting it in Southern WV and Ohio . The film was Brock's MFA thesis film from Ohio University . Richard Kinnell (obviously a Stephen King-type author) buys a fascinating photograph at an estate sale. Using the technique of a "living painting" from Oscar Wilde's "Picture of Dorian Gray," Kinnell discovers that the photograph changes throughout the night. He also hears people say terrible things - that they never said. The images that he sees are terrible - and he fears for his own death. Professionally done with good actors, film techniques, and music. Access - Dave Brock, WVSU


Stonewall City- Voices of Gay West Virginians

45 mins. 2005        

Huntington filmmaker Layne Amerikaner has directed the first documentary about people in West Virginia who grew up gay. Interviewing several people on various important aspects of growing up gay in our rural state, some had a very difficult time and some find Huntington a "mecca for gays." One interviewee was almost killed - maybe for being gay, maybe not. Co-producer and technical adviser was Brnadon Basham. Made in association with Marshall University 's Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Gender in Appalachia with support from the Franklin and Marshall College 's Paul A. Mueller , Jr. Award. Narration by Diane Wellman. Website - http://www.marshall.edu/csega/index.asp Access: lamerika@fandm.edu


UFOs in Hardy County

28 mins.  2005 Real Earth Productions

Mathias, Hardy County , WV , filmmaker Ray Schmitt based this film on first-hand accounts of strange phenomena seen in the Lost River Valley area of Hardy County . Schmitt has been interviewing friends, neighbors, and other people for several years about UFOs and other mysterious things they have been seeing. People began contacting Schmitt after they heard about the sci-fi film he made a few years ago called The Lights.  "Local people began contacting me about what they had been seeing," Schmitt said. "Some agreed to be interviewed on camera, but others wanted to remain anonymous. What amazes me is that these stories take place in my 'own backyard.'  They are absolutely incredible and beg for a scientific explanation," he added. Access: Real Earth Productions


The Whole Hog - Traditional Butchering in West Virginia

24 mins. 2005 Real Earth Productions

Ever since early frontier times, families butchered their own hogs for food. This practice is becoming increasingly rare today but is still practiced with regularity in the Lost River Valley area of Hardy County , West Virginia . Families and friends get together for this all-day event which is highlighted by a delicious country dinner. This film celebrates this rural tradition and the people who practice it. The film is intended to be interesting, educational and informative. Because of the nature of this subject, some of the graphic images might not be suitable for young children. Access - Real Earth Productions


Women's Miner Conference

25 mins. 1984 Appalshop

Women coalminers from across the country came to West Virginia State College to hold meetings and seminars on the difficulties of working as a coal miner. The Coal Employment Project based in Jacksboro , Tenn. , brought these women and experts together. Ann Lewis directed the film. Access: WVLC, Appalshop


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