Sociological Threads Within the Quilt of Appalachian Children’s Literature:  A Survey of Historical Fiction

By Susan Virginia Mead, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ferrum College

Bibliography from Paper Presented at the Appalachian Studies Association Conference

Knoxville, Tennessee, March 25, 2000

indicates books described, with study guides, in AppLit's Celebrating Diversity in Appalachia!  Exploring Social Issues Through Appalachian Children's Literature.

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Background References:

See also AppLit's Appalachian Fiction for Children and Young Adults, Background Resources on Appalachian Children's Literature, and Author Links for Internet references on individual authors. Thematic Table of Contents for Listen Here lists selections by 105 women authors that deal with a variety of social issues.

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For other relevant Internet resources, see Celebrating Diversity in Appalachia!  Exploring Social Issues Through Appalachian Children's Literature

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Last Update: 5/8/04
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