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Note: This page was created in August 2002 for use by readers of AppLit and students in Tina Hanlon's classes. There may be some overlap on this page and AppLit's Background Resources on Appalachian Folktales, but this page is to assist in general study of folktales and related literature. Some resources for teachers are included.

General Background Resources

The Art of Storytelling by Barry McWilliam has many links to a variety of resources on storytelling, including organizations and web sites, many sources of online stories, and Barry McWilliams' Home page, includes many resources for church and Bible school use

The Arthurian Project at the University of Rochester, Robbins Library, "make[s] available in electronic format a database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information."

Assignments and Study Guide on Contemporary American Picture Books by Tina L. Hanlon, includes a list of picture books, study guide on picture books and folktales, class assignments (designed for college American Lit. course), background resources.

Ballads, Lesson Plan for high school by Jennifer Kenner, at KidReach, the Online Reading Center. gives information on many authors and their books. This link goes to a page on Stephen Kellogg, author/illustrator of comical picture books, including folktales and tall tales.

Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales. Internet project at, which has "compiled contributions from many authors to create this rich resource for learning about and writing in these genres." Contains sections Fairy Tales, Discovering Fairy Tales. Includes interviews and workshops with Jane Yolen, Diane Goode, Jon Scieszka Fractured Fairy Tales and Fables,

Dragons in Children's Literature by Tina L. Hanlon gives links to online sources of some specific dragon tales and background resources.

Excite.Co.UK. Folklore - Literature. Links to many sites on folk literature. Open Directory Project.

Feminist Collections of Folktales - bibliography by Tina L. Hanlon with links to Appalachian tales of strong women.

Educational Paperback Association has profiles of many authors of folklore adaptations/children's books. Directory: Tales has links to many folktale and fairy tale sites.

Folklore, Myth and Legends gives links to many online texts and background references, in The Children's Literature Web Guide, by D. K. Brown, U. of Calgary.

Folk and Fairy Tales, Legends and Myths in Embracing the Child, an extensive site on children's books by a nonprofit organization. Many of the links in their lists of authors and illustrators are to pages at bookseller, but there are special pages on particular authors and illustrators, and links to online texts, lesson plans, illustration sites, etc.

Folktales Quiz (20 questions on mythology and folklore) is one Literary Quiz at

French Fairy Tales: Of Pixies, Parodies & Politics. A spring 1998 course at Wesleyan Univ. (Conn.) Web site has many interesting resources (some links outdated), including an Internet Fairy Tale Treasure Hunt. Prof. Mary Louise Ennis.

Grimms' Fairy Tales. Web site includes an intriguing National Geographic article on the Grimm brothers, 1999. Gives 12 tales, some with audio, based on a 1914 edition, and other activities and resources.

Guidelines for Teaching with Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Fables, Ballads, and Other Short Works of Folklore by Tina Hanlon

Horn Book. Important journal of children's literature includes Authors and Illustrators, reprinting letters by major authors and radio interviews.

Integrating Folklore, Music & Traditional Culture Into K-12 Education contains links to many folklore resources.

Internet Movie Database, a gigantic catalog of old and new movies with information and photos from films.

Lesson Plan on Myths, Folktales, and Legends for 8th grade or above, by teacher T. Norris

Marvels and Tales: Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies

National Storytelling Contest and Jonesborough Storytellers Guild

Native American Traditional Storytelling

Nancy Keane's Booktalks describes many children's books and shows covers.

Once Upon a Time . . . a personal web site with a list of novels based on fairy tales and synopses of individual tales with lists of novels for each.

Oral Tradition Journal

Pathfinder. A public library gives lists of children's books with brief summaries and covers, variants of popular fairy tales, with audiovisual references, and links to related resources. This link is to the "Three Little Pigs" page.

Picture Books and the Environment by Tina Hanlon lists folktales and other picture books related to environmental issues.

The Putnam Valley Second Grade Fairy Tale Project by students and teachers, with student comments, artwork, etc. Putnam Valley, NY.

Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales Theme Page has links to many instructional resources by Community Learning Network for K-12 teachers. See also Mythology Theme Page

Story-Lovers SOS: Searching Out Stories has pages with lists of many kinds of stories. in Jonesborough, Tenn has annotated listings of books, audio and video collections.

Tales - links to texts and background resources compiled by Open Directory Project under Folklore: Literature: Tales.

Teaching with Folklore has teaching ideas and links to many lesson plans on fables, tales, myths.

Traditional Literature - introduction to different types by Dr. Marilyn H. Stauffer at Univ. of South Florida

Trickster's Way - "an online journal dedicated to trickster research." Ed. C. W. Spinks, Trinity Univ., Texas.

Uncle Remus - selected texts, analysis, illustrations, background materials on collections by Joel Chandler Harris

Writing with a Fable - Composition Assignment by Tina L. Hanlon

Yahoo! Directory of Folk and Fairy Tales and Directory of Folklore. Some of the links are to personal and commercials sites that don't give enough source information, but some good scholarly sites and links to online texts are included.

Background Resources on One Author or Book (alphabetical by last name or title of book/tale)

See also AppLit's Appalachian Folktales: Background Resources on One Author, Illustrator, Storyteller, Dramatist, or Filmmaker.

Verna Aardema Teacher Resource File at the Internet School Library Media Center. Many links to resources on this award-winning writers of folklore retellings.

Hans Christian Andersen Filmography at Internet Movie Database. You can search this site for other fairy tale films, including the Faerie Tale Theatre series.

Hans Christian Andersen Teacher Resource File at Internet School Library Media Center, with links to texts, images, lesson plans, etc.

Cinderella Bibliography by Russell A. Peck (Univ. of Rochester) gives links to many kinds of resources, including illustrations, relating to Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast stories.

De Paola, Tomi. Picture book writer, artist. Elementary school Lesson Plans focusing on cultural understanding, on The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush and The Legend of the Bluebonnet.

The Flat Stanley Project. "International Literacy and Communications Activity for Primary and Junior Students and Their Teachers. Created by Dale Hubert," based on the fantasy picture book Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown and Tomi Ungerer (about a boy who is accidentally flattened and in one episode is sent through the mail). "Students at over 2000 schools make paper Flat Stanleys and begin a journal with him for a few days. Then Flat Stanley and the journal are sent to another school where students there treat Flat Stanley as a guest and complete the journal. Flat Stanley and the journal are then returned to the original sender. Students can plot his travels on maps and share the contents of the journal. Often, a Flat Stanley returns with a pin or postcard from his visit." Some teachers use e-mail. Stories about Flat Stanley sent in by students are published online.

Diane Goode pages, at publisher's Authors and Books, include interview with the illustrator of many tales

Grimm's Fairy Tales, 1999, from National Geographic contains tales from a 1914 edition, a 1999 article that explores the German background of the tales, with student activities and links.

Gary V. Hartman's The Loose-Leaf Fairy Tale Book, discussion of a work in progress,1998. Articles in Jungian Psychology, The C. G. Jung Page.

Trina Schart Hyman Papers, with background on the illustrator of many books based on folktales and myths, in the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection, Univ. of Southern Mississippi Libraries.

Margaret Hodges Papers, with background on the author of many books based on folktales and myths, in the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection, Univ. of Southern Mississippi Libraries.

Jack and the Beanstalk activity in a web site by four kindergarten teachers.

Gail Carson Levine Teacher Resource File at the Internet School Library Media Center. Links on the author of fairy tales novels, including lesson plans on Ella Enchanted.

James Marshall interviewed by Anita Silvey - author/illustrator of comical picture books. Transcript with audio of radio review at Horn Book web site.

Gerald McDermott. Web site of the author/illustrator of many tales.

The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester, Robbins Library, a guide to "Texts, Images, Bibliographies, and Basic Information."

Ruth Sanderson's web site on the picture books she writes and illustrates with lavish realistic paintings. Includes some activities for teachers.

Alan Schroeder page at Schroeder has written folktale adaptations.

Fractured Fairy Tales and Fables with Jon Scieszka at includes teacher resources, material on the author.

Variants of "The Three Little Pigs," bibliography started by Tina Hanlon in Aug. 2002.

David Wiesner pages by Kay Vandergrift. Some of Wiesner's fascinating picture books are based on folklore.

Laurence Yep page on Kay Vandergrift's excellent site on children's and young adult literature. Yep is a Chinese American writer of picture books and novels that retell or incorporate folklore.

Yolen, Jane. Profile (now outdated, on earlier works) reprinted from the Junior Authors & Illustrators series, with many other author and illustrator pages at Educational Paperback Association. covers all the books by this prolific author of fairy tales and other types of books.

Lesson Plans on art history and Paul O. Zelinsky's award-winning Rapunzel, at, which has hundreds of lesson plans.

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