Reading List for Project Teaching Appalachian Literature

Funded by National Endowment for the Humanities and Ferrum College
A Humanities Focus Grant Project

Project Director:  Tina L. Hanlon, Ferrum College
Assistant Director:  Judy A. Teaford, Mountain State University
Consultant:  Roberta Herrin, East Tennessee State University

This reading list is intended to give project participants an overview of current trends in Appalachian Studies and regional literature. The project involves preparing background materials and lesson plans for use by teachers at all levels.  The reading list covers a variety of literary genres for younger readers as well as some literature for adults, including folktales, picture books, novels, poetry, and film. Many of these books are now described in more detail in other AppLit Bibliographies.

Prices and availability statements are from Books in Print January 24, 2001. Paperback prices are given when available. Links on names below are to AppLit pages on these authors or works, or other web sites.

Call numbers are from Stanley Library at Ferrum College. Ferrum attempted to acquire all the items on both reading lists. Check the library's online catalog for updates on availability after 6/01. This information was gathered with assistance from Public Services Librarian George Loveland. Books that are out of print are usually available online through independent used booksellers.


Higgs, Robert J., et al.  Appalachia Inside Out: A Sequel to Voices from the Hills.  Anthology in 2 vols. Knoxville: Tennessee UP, 1995. $18 per volume. PS554.A65 1995. Contains stories, poems, and nonfiction on many areas of Appalachian history, life and culture.

Billings, Dwight B., ed. Confronting Appalachian Stereotypes: Back-Talk from an American Region. Lexington: UP of KY, 1999. $29.95. F210 .C66 1999.

Belton, Sandra. From Miss Ida's Porch. Illus. Floyd Cooper. New York: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, 1998. Picture book about African-American neighbors in WV and history. $5.99.

Carson, Jo. Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1991. Poems that tell stories about Appalachian people. $10.95.  Page on Jo Carson by Amanda McCullough at Virginia Tech.

Chase, Richard. The Jack Tales. Illus. Berkeley Williams, Jr. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1971 (1993—50th Anniversary Edition). $5.95. GR110.N8 C5 1971.

Houston, Gloria. My Great Aunt Arizona. Illus. S.C. Lamb. New York: HarperCollins, 1992. $15.89. Picture book.

Lyon, George Ella. Mama is a Miner. Illus. Peter Catalanotto. New York: Orchard, 1994. $15.95. Picture book.

Lyon, George Ella. A Wordful Child. Katonah, NY: Richard C. Owen, 1996. Autobiography for children. $14.95.

Rylant, Cynthia. Waiting to Waltz. Illus. Stephen Gammell. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1984. Poems about growing up in WV. $16.

White, Ruth. Belle Prater's Boy. New York: Dell, 1996. YA novel about childhood of two cousins. $5.50.

Moser, Barry. Polly Vaughn, 1992. Picture book on teenage love and tragedy, based on old ballad. OUT OF PRINT. Hanlon has some copies. See also essay on Moser by Hanlon.

Milnes, Gerald. Granny Will Your Dog Bite and Other Mountain Rhymes. New York: Knopf, 1990. PS3563.I443 G73 1989. Current edition in print: Little Rock:  August House, 1999. $9.95.

Rylant, Cynthia. Missing May. New York: Dell, 1992. $5.50 (1993 printing) PZ7.2 .R983m 1993.


Awiakta, Marilou. Selu: Seeking the Corn-Mother's Wisdom. Golden, CO: Fulcrum, 1993. Cherokee/Appalachian essays, poems, and myths about the land and modern problems. $14.95 (1994 printing) E99.C5 A95 1993.  (Hanlon has ordered a couple picture book versions of the Selu myth.)

Batteau, Allen W. The Invention of Appalachia. Tucson: U of AZ P, 1990. Nonfiction. $40 GN560.A67 B38 1990.

Campbell, Marie. Tales from Cloud Walking Country. Greenwood, 1976. Rpt. 1999.
Tales collected when the author taught in a small Kentucky settlement school in the 1920s & 1930s. In print edition: Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1999. $14.

Cleaver, Vera and Bill. Where the Lilies Bloom. New York: Harper, 1969. Children's novel. See also film. In print edition: Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1969. $15.95.

Davenport, Tom, dir. Fairy tale films set in Appalachia:  
Mutzmag. Videocassette 1206 in Stanley Library.
Willa:  An American Snow White. Videocassette in Stanley Library.
The other films based directly on Appalachian folktales are Ashpet, Soldier Jack, Jack and the Dentist's Daughter.

Dyer, Joyce, ed. Bloodroot: Reflections on Place by Appalachian Women Writers.  Lexington, KY: University Press of KY, 1998. Essays from various women authors, including G. E. Lyon. $17 (2000 printing) PS286.A6 B57 1998.

Giardina, Denise. Storming Heaven. New York: Ivy Books, 1988. $5.99. Sequel The Unquiet Earth. New York: Ivy Books, 1994. $5.99.  See also section on Giardina at Appalachian State's Appalachian Literature web site.

Gurney, Norman. Kinfolks: the Wilgus Stories. Frankfort: Gnomon Press, 1989. Stories about childhood. Made into PBS film in 1998. $12.50.  See also section on Norman at Appalachian State's Appalachian Literature web site.

Haley, Gail E.  Jack and the Fire Dragon. New York: Crown, 1988. OUT OF PRINT. Hanlon has a copy of this and Haley's Jack and the Bean Tree.  Picture book versions of tales similar to "Old Fire Dragaman" and "Jack and the Bean Tree" in Chase, Jack Tales.

Hamilton, Virginia. M. C. Higgins the Great. New York: Macmillan, 1974. PZ7.2 .H18m. In print edition: New York: Simon & Schuster, 1999. $18.

Harshman, Marc and Bonnie Collins.  Rocks in My Pocket. Illus. Toni Goffe. New York: Cobblehill, 1991. Humorous folktale picture book. OUT OF PRINT.

John Henry Legend:  compare various picture books, ballads, and biographies.

Lyon, George Ella. Come a Tide. Illus. Stephen Gammell. New York: Orchard, 1990. 1993 ed. $6.95. Picture book.

Lyon, George Ella. With a Hammer for My Heart. New York: Orchard, 1996. Adult novel. PZ3 .L994w 1997. In print edition: New York: Morrow/Avon, 1999. $12.

McCrumb, Sharyn. The Rosewood Casket. New York: Dutton, 1996. Novel. PZ3.M138r 1996 In print edition: New York: NAL, 1997. $7.50. Page on McCrumb by Jimmy Hodges at Virginia Tech. McCrumb to speak at Ferrum College Women's Leadership Conference in March 2002.

Miller, Jim Wayne. The Mountains Have Come Closer. Boone, NC: Appalachian Consortium, 1980. Poetry. $9.95.  See The Brier Poems. Frankfort, KY: Gnomon Press, 1997 in Stanley Library. Compilation of the author's The Mountains Have Come Closer and of Brier, his book, with new poems added. PS3563.I4127 A6 1997.

Smith, Lee. Fair and Tender Ladies.  New York: Ballantine, 1988. Novel about a mountain family. $10 (1993 printing). Page on Lee Smith by Crystal Black, Virginia Tech student.

Still, James. An Appalachian Mother Goose. Lexington, UP of KY, 1998. $16.95.  See also section on Still at Appalachian State's Appalachian Literature web site.

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