Lesson Plan Guidelines for Contributors to AppLit

  • Submissions for AppLit Unit/Lesson Plans are to be prepared in DreamWeaver or FrontPage, or, if necessary, Microsoft Word (but do not use automatic formatting for numbers, bullets, etc. as this causes formatting problems with web programs).  Please contact Judy A. Teaford for help or information.  Send Unit/Lesson Plans as e-mail attachments to Judy A. Teaford.
  • Submission should be prepared in Times New Roman, 12-point type (except where otherwise indicated).  Center headings and use 14-point type; all other material should be left aligned, including subheadings.  Typestyle for subheadings is bold italic.  Note additional formatting instructions in brackets throughout the template below.  Feel free to include images or otherwise enhance the appearance of your Unit/Lesson Plan, but use a white background (we will add the uniform AppLit background).  Please be sure to include any necessary handouts for completion of the Unit/Lesson Plan.
  • Let us know if you want us to include a direct link to your e-mail address and other information about you.  You may include invitations for comments and suggestions from users of your lesson plan; however, you will be responsible for responding to comments.  If you would like for these comments to appear at the end of your plan, you will need to type them, including all relevant information, and send them to Judy A. Teaford.  Please ask contributors to send any comments and suggestions to your e-mail address.
  • If you include state or national standards of learning, be clear about which standards of learning they come from (particular state or school system).  You might want to include a note encouraging teachers in other places to adapt your lesson to their own standards or grade level, if applicable.
  • Include complete citation(s) to the literary work(s) your lesson plan covers.
  • If you see connections with other AppLit pages that would be useful to teachers, please add these links to your page. We strive to help users of AppLit find other relevant resources and related pages as easily as possible, as well as recommending resources outside AppLit that link Appalachian literature with other literatures or areas of Appalachian studies.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for improving the web site.
  • NOTE:  We reserve the right to edit your submission. We will contact you about any substantial changes to your page.

Unit/Lesson Plan Title [14 points]

Created By:
Full Name(s)
Home or School
Home or School Address

Title of Lesson One


[Provide an introduction to the unit, its purpose, etc.]

Grade Levels:  9-10           

Subjects:  Literature, Film, History

Time Frame:  Seven class periods (45 minutes each) or Three block class (1 hour and 30 minutes each)   [You should indicate what would be appropriate for your individual school situation.]

Learner Outcomes or State Standards:

  • The student will utilize the Internet to locate movie reviews and critical essays
  • The student will
  • The student will


  • Classroom with TV and VCR
  • Computer lab with Internet access; 1 station per 2 students
  • Handout [provide title of handout in quotation marks]

Teacher’s Notes:

[Left aligned.  Skip line for each new paragraph.]

[May use bullets or numbers.  Be consistent.]

Include Teacher’s Notes and Procedures throughout the lesson/unit, as needed.


1.  [Left aligned.]  



Suggested Responses (optional):  Student’s possible/probable responses to questions posed during lesson(s).  Please place directly under (numbered) procedure with question.  

[May use bullets or numbers.  Be consistent.]                  

Enrichment Activities:  

An assignment to be completed outside the classroom to support or enhance the student’s knowledge of the material.


  • Active participation in class and group discussions
  • Passing (80%) grades on quizzes 
  • Completion of handout [use title of handout]
  •  Definitions completed 
  • Completion of three page evaluative essay (MLA format, typed or word-processed)

Additional Resources or Extension Activities (optional):

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