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Illustrations for "Ashpet"


Drawings by students in kindergarten to 3rd grade

Franklin County, Virginia, 2000




Ashpet puts on a red skirt given to her by a magical old lady in Rex Stephenson's dramatic adaptation.

And, of course, she marries the prince at the end of the tale.




These drawings were made after the students saw a performance of Rex Stephenson's story theatre adaptation of "Ashpet" by the Jack Tale Players in spring 2000.

Below are photos from a performance at the Women's Leadership Conference, Ferrum College, April 2008.
On the left, the old lady instructs the prince to look for Ashpet's pretty face in the fireplace.
The Jack Tale Players often make objects such as the fireplace with their bodies.


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"We look at these old tales and they are survival tools. We can remember how Ashpet did it or Mutsmag or even Jack, and in times of loneliness and desperation we have something to hang on to." Anndrena Belcher, 1991 


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