General AppLit Study Guides

(see below for folklore and specific works of literature)

Teaching Unit on West Virginia's Appalachian Music and Literature

By Reneé Wyatt and Avis Caynor

Resources on Appalachian Dialects

(including analysis of several books)

By Stephanie Humphries

Celebrating Diversity in Appalachia!
Exploring Social Issues Through Appalachian Children's Literature

By Susan Virginia Mead

Thematic Table of Contents for Listen Here: Women Writing in Appalachia

By Sandra L. Ballard and Patricia L. Hudson

Assignments and Study Guide on Contemporary American Picture Books

By Tina L. Hanlon
A Guide to Appalachian Folklore and Literature in Crosscurrents of Children's Literature: An Anthology of Texts and Criticism

By Tina L. Hanlon

Trivia Page:  Little-known Facts
about Appalachian Books and Authors

Short Teaching Tips on Appalachian Books See also Lesson Plans section on our Links page and AppLit Lesson Plans

Study Guides on Folklore

General Guidelines for Teaching with Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Fables, Ballads, and Other Short Works of Folklore

By Tina L. Hanlon

Study Guides on Dramatizations by the Ferrum College Jack Tale Players

By Tina L. Hanlon and R. Rex Stephenson

Standards of Learning Covered by Study of "Mutsmag" and "Ashpet" Dramatizations

By Cathy Brookshire

Activities to Accompany Study of Appalachian Folktales and Dramatizations by the Jack Tale Players

By Tina L. Hanlon and R. Rex Stephenson

Tall Tales and Jack Tales: Literature and Writing Activities

By Tina L Hanlon and Sarah Harris

Teacher’s Study Guide for the Jack Tale Players and "Two Lost Babes”

By Thomas Townsend

Creative Activities for Three Appalachian Folktales

By Frances Auville

Teaching Four "Jack" Books

By Anne Newlun

Students Write Jack Tales

By Merri Hess

Superstitions Recorded by English 101 Students

By Judy A. Teaford

The Blue Ridge Institute and Museum Teachers' Guides
Aligned with Virginia Standards of Learning

(in BRI web site)

Traditional Appalachian Music and Literature
in West Virginia's Appalachian Music and Literature

By Reneé Wyatt and Avis Caynor

Storytelling Workshops Handout (pdf)

By Tina L. Hanlon and R. Rex Stephenson

See also background information in annotated bibliography Appalachian Folktales in Children's Literature and Collections

Study Guides on Specific Works of Literature and Film

James Still's Books for and about Children: Bibliography and Study Guide

By Tina L. Hanlon

Where the Lilies Bloom, a Novel by Vera and Bill Cleaver

By M. Katherine Grimes

Novel and Film Internet Resource Guide for The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

By Judy A. Teaford

"Based on a True Story":
Using Sharyn McCrumb's
Ballad of Frankie Silver to Teach the Conventions of Fiction

By Lana A. Whited

Study Guide for "Ferradiddledumday" and Other "Rumpelstiltskin" Stories

By Becky Mushko and Tina L. Hanlon

A Teaching Guide for A Far-Off Land by Rebecca Caudill and The Trail on Which They Wept by Dorothy Hoobler

By Mary Warner

Study Guide for Bone's Gift, a Novel by Angie Smibert

By Tina L. Hanlon

Appalachia in the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

By Tina L. Hanlon

Activities for Outside the Window: Picture Book by Anna Smucker

By Judy A. Teaford

See also AppLit's Lesson Plans

"Where I'm From" (George Ella Lyon's poem in her web site with ideas for writers) and "Where I'm From" Poems by Ferrum College Students

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