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John Henry Quiz


1.     John Henry is what type of folk song?

a.     A Hillbilly song

b.     A Ballad Song

c.     A Play Party Song


2.     The lyrics are what part of the song?

a.     The words of the song

b.     The melody of the song

c.     The dance steps


3.     Many ballads are sung unaccompanied. What does this mean?

a.     Sung with a musical background instrument

b.     Sung without a musical background instrument


4.     What industry did John Henry work for?

a.     Steel Mill

b.     Coal Mine

c.     Railroad


5.     “John Henry,” like other ballads, was passed down in an oral tradition. What does this mean?

a.     It was passed down to others by word of mouth

b.     It was heard on the radio

c.     It was only sung at concerts


6.     “John Henry,” like most ballads, was sung the same way ever time and told the truth exactly the way it happened.

a.     True

b.     False

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"John Henry"
a Ballad

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