West Virginia's Appalachian Music and Literature

Directions for the dance movements to "Cindy"

Steps needed to do the dance for "Cindy":

Now try to do the dance.

After you have learned the dance, sing along:

I wish I was an apple ahanging on a tree,
And ev'ry time my Cindy passed she'd take a bite of me!

Get along home, Cindy, Cindy, get along home Cindy, Cindy,
Get along home, Cindy, Cindy, I'll marry you some day.

She told me that she loved me, she called me sugar plum,
She threw her arms around me and I thought my time had come.


I wish I had a needle as fine as I could sew,
I'd sew that gal to my coattail, and down the road I'd go.


See another version of this song in AppLit, as it appears in May Justus' story New Boy in School (1963).

The Digital Library of Appalachia also has many digital copies of recordings of "Cindy" from archives of Appalachian colleges.

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