My Home Among the Hills

Words & Music 
by E. W. James, Jr.

Audio by 
West Virginia Wesleyan Choir
Conducted by Larry Parsons

Listen to the music.

There's a land of rolling mountains
Where the sky is blue above;
And though I may roam I hurry home
To the friendly hills I love.

Where the moonlit meadows ring with the call of whipporwills,
Always you will find me in my home among the hills.
And where the sun draws rainbows in the mist of waterfalls and mountain rills,
My heart will be always in the West Virginia hills.

Illustration by Mark Clayton

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West Virginia's Appalachian Music and Literature is a self-contained teaching unit by Avis Caynor and Reneé Wyatt (1997), reprinted with permission in 2003 in the larger web site AppLit.

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