West Virginia's Appalachian Music and Literature

Teacher's Guide: Additional Activities

Creative Dramatics:

Creative dramatics involves an informal acting out of a story or song text. Creative dramatics would work especially well with "John Henry," "Tony Beaver," or "Soldier, Soldier." See also Complete List of AppLit Pages on Drama.

Puppet Play:

Students can use any type of puppet (hand, stick, finger, sock, bag, etc.) to tell a story or song text. This activity would also work well with students' original stories.

Local Welcome:

Students can collect stories, poems, and songs that could be used to introduce their state.

Art Project:

Students could respond to a selection with an art project—drawing, painting, collage, photograph. An artistic response would work well with "The Rhododendron Song" or "West Virginia."

Creative Writing:

Students could respond to a style (humor, nature poem) by writing an original story or poem.


Students could present a program for another class, for a parent-teacher organization meeting, or for an open house, sharing stories and songs from the unit.

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West Virginia's Appalachian Music and Literature is a self-contained teaching unit by Avis Caynor and Reneé Wyatt (1997), reprinted with permission in 2003 in the larger web site AppLit. See Study Guides and Lesson Plans for other teacher's guides in AppLit.