"Mary Story"

Mary lived in a large white house on Park Street with her mother and father. One day they had a caller. It was a mangy little dog. Mary let him sit on the rug in front of the fireplace, in which hickory logs were burning brightly. When she looked more closely, she saw that he was a sorry sight. He had a sore paw and many burrs in his fur, and he didn’t have any collar. Mary washed the dog, but she could not get him entirely clean. He looked hungry, so she opened a can of food and put it in a bowl with a greasy spoon. She also gave him some water. He ate until both bowls were empty. Just then her father came in the door. She asked if they could keep the dog instead of turning him out of the house on such a cold day. They kept the merry little character for many years. Mary and the dog had lots of very good times together.

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