Appalachian Dialects: Overview

by Stephanie Humphries

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The following are important questions to ask when learning about Appalachian language and other dialects. Many of these questions are addressed in AppLit's section on Dialect, and other resources cited on these pages.

Part I

What is a dialect?

What factors influence the formation of dialects, within an individual or within a geographic region?

What is the history of Appalachian dialects? What is wrong with calling it Elizabethan English?

What are some features of Appalachian dialects?.

Where are Appalachian dialects spoken?

What does the future look like for Appalachian dialects?

What resources are available for readers to learn more about dialects?

Part II

Why should educators care about dialects?

What attitudes do students and others have about language variation?

What challenges do educators face if they want to use regional literature in the classroom?

How can educators best meet these challenges?

What resources are available for teachers and students to learn more about dialects?

Part III

What role does/should dialect play in literature (picture books, poetry, novels)?

Is dialect important to you, as a reader? How so?

Does dialect influence your choice of texts for the classroom? Why?

Which books did you find to be the “most Appalachian”?

Which books do you think do a good or poor job of using dialect? Why?

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