"Wicked John and the Devil" Crossword Puzzle

by Frances Auville

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Reprinted with permission from Journey Through Fantasy Literature:  A Resource Guide for Teachers.   Vol. I.  Ed. Roberta T. Herrin. Developed during a Teachers Institute sponsored by East Tennessee State University and the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1988-89.

This puzzle is based on "Wicked John and the Devil" in Richard Chase's Grandfather Tales (Boston:  Houghton Mifflin, 1948).

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 1.  Walked the earth to find decent folk

 7.  John's occupation

 9.  John had to _______ to hell

13. Turned John away

15. Appalachian for mother

16. Caused the devils to come for John

14. Way to move boats

17. Number of times Saint Peter walked
          the earth each year

19. Trapped the first devil


1.  Trapped the second devil

2.  What St. Peter said to John at the Pearly Gates

3.  The way some people say "poor"

4.  Not a tale ____ tell little children?

5.  Trapped the old devil

6.  What the devils did to hell's door when
          they saw John approaching

8.  Appalachian for mother

10. Appalachian for father

11. Outwitted by John

12. Number of wishes St. Peter gave to John

14. St. Peter's disguise

18. Cry of pain

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