Mountain Ranges

by Ashley Dalton

Chrysalis Literary and Arts Magazine
Ferrum College, Autumn/Winter 2020
Abigail McGovern, Co-editor with Chloe Fisher

Ashley Dalton graduated from Ferrum College in Spring 2021 with a major in English, an emphasis in literature, and a minor in theatre arts. She is from Ararat, in Patrick County Virginia. Her poem is reprinted here with permission after appearing in the Autumn/Winter 2020 issue of Chrysalis Literary and Arts Magazine.

Blue ocean waves crash against my feet
The velvet feeling of the wet sand meet
Against the smooth surface of sea shells rise
To form rows of a small little fleet.

All around there are people gathered about
The air carries their cries and call out
As some run around and play with glee
Having fun while doing so, no doubt.

This air is crisp, the salty air fills my nose
As I forget about my day-to-day woes
Watching the seagulls and dolphins dance before me
Leads me to not think about my foes.

Standing here witnessing the constant changes
Makes me long for the stagnant granges
Surrounding me with an everlasting forest
I long to be back at my mountain ranges.

copyright 2022 Ashley Dalton
all rights reserved

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