Antrim Coast and Belfast

February 12, 2005 (Click on image to enlarge)

Antrim Coast Fields.jpg

Antrim Coast Island Lighthouse.jpg

Antrim Coast RoadA.jpg

Antrim Coast RoadB.jpg

Antrim Coast RoadC.jpg

Antrim Coast RoadD.jpg

Antrim Coast through bus window.jpg

Antrim Coast through bus windowB.jpg

Antrim Coast Town.jpg

Antrim Coaster Bus.jpg

Belfast Shopping AreaA.jpg

Belfast Shopping AreaB.jpg

Betting Parlor Stanley.jpg

Farm with Sunset from Bus.jpg

Farms thorugh Bus WindowsC.jpg

Farms through bus window.jpg

Farms through Bus WindowsB.jpg

French Connection UK or Ferrum College UK.jpg

Herb Store Belfast.jpg

Ice Pellets During Trip.jpg

Rainbow at Bus Stop.jpg

Rainbow Bus StopB.jpg

Rough Sea at Portstewart Promenade.jpg

Rough Sea at Portstewart Promenade2.jpg

Rough Sea on Rocks.jpg

Town with Fort at White Bay.jpg

White Park Bay Sign.jpg

White Park BayA.jpg

White Park BayB.jpg