Donaghmore Cross and Beaghmore Stone Circles

April 1, 2005-Northern Ireland

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Beaghmore Stone Circles-A Sign.jpg

Beaghmore Stone Circles-Information.jpg

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Beaghmore Stone Circles-Path to Circles and Cairns.jpg

Beaghmore Stone Circles-Path to Circles and Cairns2.jpg

Beaghmore Stone Circles-Stones and Cairns.jpg

Beaghmore Stone Circles-Stones and Cairns2.jpg

Beaghmore Stone Circles-Stones and Cairns3.jpg

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Beaghmore Stone Circles-Stones.jpg

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Donaghmore Cross and Church.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Information.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Information1.jpg

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Donaghmore Cross-Original.jpg

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Donaghmore Cross-Primrose Flowers at base.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica in Cemetery1.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica in Cemetery2.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica in Cemetery3.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica in Cemetery4.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica in Cemetery5.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica in Cemetery6.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica in Cemetery7.jpg

Donaghmore Cross-Replica information.jpg