Donegal North Shore

April 03, 2005

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Donegal Famine Museum-'flower' bed.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Food-Furrow Shells.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Food-Irish Moss.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Food-Kelp.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Food-Limpet.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Food-Plant Rhizomes.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Kelp for Fishing.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-long house model.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-one room house model.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Peat log drying.jpg

Donegal Famine Museum-Typical residence.jpg

Donegal-Balbane Head cliffs.jpg

Donegal-Balbane Head cliffs2.jpg

Donegal-Balbane Head cliffs3.jpg

Donegal-Balbane Head view of Lough Foyle.jpg

Donegal-Balbane Head-Portstewart in distance.jpg

Donegal-Balbane Head-view of Lough Foyle.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-lamb.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-NW Coastline.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-NW Coastline2.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Peat Pile.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Reindeer.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Reindeer2.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Sheep.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Sheep2.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Standing Stone.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Standing Stone2.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Standing Stone3.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Standing Stone4.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Tower ruin.jpg

Donegal-Doagh Isle-Trawbreaga Bay.jpg

Donegal-Inishowen Head Lighthouse.jpg

Donegal-Inishowen Head Lighthouse2.jpg

Donegal-Inishowen Head pasture.jpg

Donegal-Inishowen Head sheep.jpg

Donegal-Magilligan Ferry Stop.jpg

Donegal-Magilligan Ferry-CT.jpg

Donegal-Magilligan Ferry-Greencastle.jpg

Donegal-Magilligan Ferry-Sunset.jpg

Donegal-Magilligan Ferry-Tanker.jpg

Donegal-Magilligan Ferry.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-a sign.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-a sign2.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-a sign3.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Coast Eire Sign.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Coast Farm.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Coast Farm2.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Coast Farm3.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Coast Islands.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Coast.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Tower parking.jpg

Donegal-Malin Head-Tower view.jpg

Donegal-Road to Balbane Head.jpg


Donegal-Stroove-Pheasant closeup.jpg


Donegal-view of cattle and Moville and Lough Foyle.jpg

Donegal-View of Moville and Lough Foyle.jpg

Downhill Beach Sunset.jpg

Downhill Beach Sunset2.jpg

Downhill Beach-Mussenden Temple and Train Tunnel.jpg

Downhill Beach-Mussenden Temple and Train Tunnel2.jpg

Downhill Beach-Mussenden Temple.jpg