Donegal and Ferry from McGilligan with Tim

In the Republic of Ireland west of Portstewart along the north Altlantic coast

March 06, 2005-Click on image to enlarge

Magilligan Ferry-autos.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-deck.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-view of Greencastle.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-view of Magilligan Pt.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-view of Martello Tower.jpg

Bishop's Gate.jpg

Bishop's Gate2.jpg

Donegal-Dunagree Pt. Lighthouse.jpg

Downhill NI-Mussenden Temple.jpg

Downhill NI-Mussenden Temple2.jpg

Downhill NI-View of ocean and Donegal.jpg

Inishowen Head-bird silhouette.jpg

Inishowen Head-CT and Tim navigating rocks.jpg

Inishowen Head-Ct and Tim.jpg

Inishowen Head-Dunagree Pt Lighthouse.jpg

Inishowen Head-Fishing Boat with Mussenden Temple behind.jpg

Inishowen Head-Fishing Boat with Portstewart behind.jpg

Inishowen Head-Fishing Boat.jpg

Inishowen Head-Fishing Boat2.jpg

Inishowen Head-gray seal1.jpg

Inishowen Head-gray seal2.jpg

Inishowen Head-gray seal3.jpg

Inishowen Head-limpets on rocks.jpg

Inishowen Head-Marine Seaweeds.jpg

Inishowen Head-Muscles on rock.jpg

Inishowen Head-playing cricket on beach.jpg

Inishowen Head-rock patterns1.jpg

Inishowen Head-rock patterns2.jpg

Inishowen Head-rock patterns3.jpg

Inishowen Head-rocks.jpg

Inishowen Head-rocky shoreline.jpg

Inishowen Head-Tim jumping to stone walk.jpg

Inishowen Head-Tim looking for seals.jpg

Inishowen Head-Tim on rocks.jpg

Inishowen Head-Tim pointing to seals.jpg

Inishowen Head-Tim spotting seals.jpg

Inishowen Head-Water Quality Sign.jpg

Inishowen Head-Water Quality Sign2.jpg

Inishowen Head-Water Quality Sign3.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-Capt.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-Carolyn.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-Tim1.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-University Vehicle.jpg

Magilligan Ferry-view of Donegal.jpg

Magilligan Pt-view of Dunagree Pt Lighthouse.jpg

Magilligan Pt-view of Greencastle.jpg

Martello Tower at Magilligan Pt.jpg

Stroove-horse along coast.jpg

Stroove-Horse on coast2.jpg

Stroove-view of Portstewart and Mussendon Temple.jpg