Dunluce Castle with Tim

Castle Ruins East of Portstewart on North Coast

March 05, 2005-Click on image to enlarge

Dunluce Castle-Cliff view2.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Cliff view3.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Cliff view4.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Cliff view5.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Courtyard.jpg

Dunluce Castle-CT checking the view.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Duchess and the sea sign.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Fireplace.jpg

Dunluce Castle-from afar.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Gate House Sign.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Gate House.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Gate House2.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Historic People assoc. with Castle.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Kitchen.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Loggia.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Mainland Court Sign.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Model.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Model2.jpg

Dunluce Castle-path into cliff.jpg

Dunluce Castle-room.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Room1.jpg

Dunluce Castle-room2.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Tim fighting wind.jpg

Dunluce Castle-View from a room.jpg

Dunluce Castle-View of cliffs.jpg

Dunluce Castle-View of Shoals.jpg

Dunluce Castle-View of Skerries Islands.jpg

Dunluce Castle-View over the cliff.jpg

Dunluce Castle-view.jpg

Dunluce Castle-View2.jpg

Dunluce Castle-walk under entry gate.jpg

Dunluce Castle-White cliff view.jpg

Dunluce Castle-White cliff view2.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Window to Sea.jpg

Dunluce Castle-Window view.jpg

Dunluce Castle.jpg