Giant's Causeway with Tim

This is a National Trust site east of Portstewart on th N. Atlantic

March 05, 2005-Click on Image to Enlarge

Giant's Causeway-broken rock.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Carolyn and Tim.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Carolyn and Tim2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-cliff pasture view.jpg

Giant's Causeway-cliff view.jpg

Giant's Causeway-cliff view2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-cliff view3.jpg

Giant's Causeway-cliff view4.jpg

Giant's Causeway-cliff warning.jpg

Giant's Causeway-cliffs.jpg

Giant's Causeway-closeup of broken rock.jpg

Giant's Causeway-CT and Tim on bench2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Ct and Tim with University vehicle.jpg

Giant's Causeway-CT and Tim with University vehicle2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-CT on walk.jpg

Giant's Causeway-giant's pipe organ.jpg

Giant's Causeway-gorse legume.jpg

Giant's Causeway-gorse legume2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-leaning columns.jpg

Giant's Causeway-onion skin rock.jpg

Giant's Causeway-onion skin rock2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-plants in rock crevice.jpg

Giant's Causeway-rock column with lichen.jpg

Giant's Causeway-rock formations and cliff.jpg

Giant's Causeway-rock in surf.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Seaweed, Fucus, on the rocks.jpg

Giant's Causeway-stones.jpg

Giant's Causeway-stones2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim and CT on bench.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on path.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on the rocks.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on the rocks2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on the rocks3.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on the rocks4.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on the rocks5.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on the rocks6.jpg

Giant's Causeway-Tim on the rocks7.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock columns.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formation.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations2.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations3.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations4.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations5.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations6.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations7.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations8.jpg

Giant's Causeway-volcanic rock formations9.jpg