More Portstewart and University of Ulster

February 26, 2005-Click on the image to enlarge

Agherton Park Rd Snow on Neighbor's car.jpg

Agherton Park Rd Snow.jpg

Donegal from Porstewart Promenade.jpg

Donegal from Portstewart.jpg

Donegal from Portstewart2.jpg





Gavin and Caroline for Dinner1.jpg

Gavin and Caroline for Dinner2.jpg

Marine Algae.jpg

Marine Algae2.jpg

Marine Algae3.jpg

Portstewart Butcher.jpg

Portstewart Harbor-Hello!!!.jpg

Portstewart Harbor1.jpg

Portstewart Harbor2.jpg

Portstewart Promenade from Harbor.jpg

Portstewart Sculpture 'Red Sails' tribute.jpg

Portstewart Sculpture on Promenade2.jpg

Portstewart Town Hall and Library.jpg

University of Ulster Snow.jpg

University of Ulster Snow2.jpg

University of Ulster Snow3.jpg

University of Ulster Snow4.jpg

University-Paula and CT in Lab.jpg

University-Paula in Lab.jpg