Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

March 20, 2005 near Belfast NI

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Ballycopeland Windmill.jpg

Ballycopeland Windmill2.jpg

Ballycopeland Windmill3.jpg

Carolyn and Ann.jpg

Foreland Point Lighthouse.jpg

Foreland Point Lighthouse2.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Antique Clock.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Basket Maker.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Baskets.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Bike Shop Sign.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Bike Shop1.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Bike Shop2.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Bird Feed Sign.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Bird ID Case.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Coal and Peat.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Ferguson Tractor.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Kitchen.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Living Quarters.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Lobster Baskets.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Loy for planting.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Loy for planting2.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Model Farm.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Model Farm2.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Peat for Burning.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Peat for Burning2.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Peat for Burning3.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Peat in Fireplace.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Planting Potatoes1.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Planting Potatoes2.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Police Egg ID List.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Police Museum Egg ID case.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Potato digger.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Potato Famine.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Pub Bottles.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Pub Sign.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Pulling Flax.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Quinn Distributors.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Roads and Walls.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Scented Geranium.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Town Library.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Tullyish Tower Sign.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Tullyish Tower.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Victorian Age1.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Victorian Age2.jpg

Ulster Folk Museum-Victorian Age3.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-AmphiCar.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-AmphiCar2.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Bicycles.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Bicycles2.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Delorean.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Flowering Currant.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Flowering Currant2.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Rail Lines.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Repair Shop.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Rhododendron.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Rhododendron2.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Rhododendron3.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Rhododendron4.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Rhododendron5.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic2.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic3.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic4.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic5.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic6.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic7.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic8.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Titanic9.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Trains.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Trains2.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Vespa Scooter.jpg

Ulster Transport Museum-Vespa Scooter2.jpg