Westport and Croagh Patrick

March 26, 2005-Western Ireland

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Connemara-hunger walk monument plaque.jpg

Connemara-hunger walk monument.jpg

Connemara-mountain view.jpg

Connemara-mountains and lakes.jpg

Connemara-mountains and lakes2.jpg


County Mayo-Clew Bay-Sunset.jpg

County Mayo-Clew Bay-Sunset2.jpg

County Mayo-Clew Bay.jpg

County Mayo-Peat Bog-Harvest Area.jpg

County Mayo-Peat Bog-Harvest Area2.jpg

County Mayo-Peat Bog-Harvest Area3.jpg

County Mayo-Peat Bog-Harvest.jpg

County Mayo-Peat Bog.jpg

County Sligo-Butte-like mountain.jpg

County Sligo-Butte-like mountain2.jpg

County Sligo-Coast Island.jpg

County Sligo-Coast Pastures.jpg

County Sligo-Coast Road.jpg

County Sligo-Coast Road2.jpg

County Sligo-Coast VW Camper.jpg

County Sligo-Coast.jpg

County Sligo-forest tree pattern.jpg

County Sligo-forest tree pattern2.jpg

County Sligo-mountain pastures and sheep.jpg

County Sligo-mountain pastures.jpg

County Sligo-mountain-side pastures.jpg

County Sligo-sheep.jpg

County Sligo-sheep2.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail-CT at Sign.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail-CT Climbing.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail-CT Climbing2.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail-Murrisk Village and Clew Bay.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail-Rock Fetching Dog.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail-up hill.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail2.jpg

Croagh Patrick Trail3.jpg

Croagh Patrick-CT and St. Patrick Statue.jpg

Croagh Patrick-Gorse Flowering.jpg

Croagh Patrick-Murrisk and Clew Bay Panorama.jpg

Croagh Patrick-Pilgrimage Sign.jpg

Croagh Patrick-St. Patrick Statue and Clew Bay.jpg

Croagh Patrick-Warning Sign.jpg

James Joyce Country-Aasleagh Falls-Sign.jpg

James Joyces Country-Aasleagh Falls.jpg

James Joyces Country-Aasleagh Falls2.jpg

James Joyces Country-Aasleagh Falls3.jpg

Lough Carrib-Fiord.jpg

Lough Carrib-Fiord2.jpg

Westport-Cedar Lodge Bed and Breakfast.jpg

Westport-Cedar Lodge Bed and Breakfast2.jpg

Westport-Harts Tongue Fern.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Cemetery.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Gravestone.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Gravestone2.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Ruins.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Ruins2.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Ruins3.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Ruins4.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Ruins5.jpg

Westport-Murrisk Friary Ruins6.jpg

Westport-Potato Famine Memorial1.jpg

Westport-Potato Famine Memorial2.jpg

Westport-Potato Famine Memorial3.jpg

Westport-Potato Famine Memorial4.jpg

Westport-Potato Famine Memorial5.jpg