Policies for Biology 311, Field Botany - Fall 1996

Text: Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Blue Ridge by Wofford
Lab Field Guides: Newcombe's Wildflower Guide

A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs by Petrides

Professor: Dr. Bob R. Pohlad (Office 218 Garber, Phone 365-4367)

Office Hours: Monday 9-11, 2-3

Tuesday 9-11

Wednesday 9-11

Thursday 9-11

Friday None

Class meeting Time: MW 8-9

Lab Meeting Time: Thursday 1-5

Absences: You are expected to attend all classes and labs. You must check with the professor if you are to be or were absent.

Tests and Quizzes: All tests will be worth 100 points. All quizzes are worth 20 points each. Announced quizzes will usually be given on Wednesdays. Tests and quizzes missed on unexcused absences will be averaged as zeros.

Collection: Each student will be required to make a collection and correctly identify 100 plants and related organisms. Collections are due at the time of the last regular lab.

Poster Session: Each student will prepare a poster describing one plant family. These must be typewritten and will be shared with the class in a session on Oct. 16th. These will be graded for content, originality, and grammar. Information on the size and details of content will follow shortly.

No smoking or tobacco products in lab or class at any time.

Cheating and plaigarism will not be tolerated. Anyone found cheating will be turned over to the Campus Honor Board.

This is mainly a field oriented course. You are expected to attend all of the field trips planned. Please dress for field work and come prepared with equipment to each class and lab for collection of specimens. Many of the class times may be used for field work also.

Field Botany
Tentative Lecture Syllabus
Dr. Bob R. Pohlad-Fall 1994

Texts: Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Blue Ridge by Wofford

Newcombe's Wildflower Guide, Petride's Trees and Shrubs

Week Dates Topic
1 8/29 - 8/30 Introd., Spec. Prep.,

Herbarium Mgt.
2 9/2 - 9/4 Methods of Identifying,

3 9/9 - 9/11 Intro. to Systematic Botany

History of Classification,

Plant Nomenclature, Principles

of Taxonomy, Sources of Tax.

4 9/16 - 9/18 " (cont.)

5 9/23 - 9/25 " (cont.)

6 9/30 - 10/2 Biodiversity of the Southeast

****10/16 Poster Session Set-up by 8:00 am****
7 10/14 & 10/16 Biodiversity of the Southeast

Fall Break 10/17-10/20

8 10/21 - 10/23 Biodiversity of the Southeast
9 10/28 - 10/30 Angiosperm Families
10 11/4 - 11/6 " (cont.)
11 11/11 - 11/13 Gymnosperm Families
12 11/18 - 11/20 " (cont.)

Thanksgiving Break 11/27 - 12/1

13 12/2 - 12/4 Pteridophytes

14 12/9 - 12/11 Mosses, Liverworts and Fungi

15 12/11 Collections Due

Final Exam Monday, Dec. 16; 8-10 am

Field Botany (Biology 311)
Tentative Lab Syllabus-Fall 1996
Dr. Bob R. Pohlad, Professor
Week Topic
8/29 Collection Techniques, Use of Keys, Identification of Higher Plants, Campus Walk
9/5 Field Trip - Woodland Plants in Summer (Campus and Old Farm?)
9/12 Woodlands (Cont.), Specimen Preparation, and Identification (20 Plants and Field Notebook Checked)
9/19 Field Trip - Plants of Open Fields, Roadsides, and Disturbed Lands in Summer (Dairy Farm and Campus)
9/26 Field Trip - Wetland Plants in Summer (Rec Park)

(40 Plants and Notebook Checked)
10/3 Specimen Preservation and Identification - Grasses, Ferns, Mosses, and Fungi
10/10 Field Trip - Woodland Plants in Fall (Campus and Old Farm) and Identification Cont. (60 Plants and Notebook Checked)
10/17 Fall Break - No Lab

10/24 Field Trip - Plants of Open Fields, Roadsides, and Disturbed Lands in Fall

(Rec Park)
10/31 Field Trip - Wetland Plants in Fall

11/7 Specimen Preparation and Identification of Fruits, Twigs, and Bark (Winter Botany) (80 Plants and Notebook Checked)
11/14 Field Trip - Woodland Plants in Winter

11/21 Vascular Family Review, Mounting Pressed Specimens, Computer Based Identification Techniques
12/5 Vascular Family Review, Herbarium Accessioning Lab Final Exam; Collections and Field Notebooks Due

Come prepared for field work each week in lab. Some weeks we will work on identification but may still go in the field around campus for verification of specimens. You must have your field guides and collection materials (including your field notebook) with you for each lab. These will be checked.

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