Ireland Catchment Research

January-May, 2005

Dr. Bob Pohlad and Dr. Carolyn Thomas

These images are only to be used with the permission of Dr. Bob R. Pohlad or Dr. Carolyn L. Thomas

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Image Sets

Catchment Research Sites Visit-February 17, 2005
Catchment Samples-Colisure-March 16, 2005
Catchment Samples-Water Processing-March 16, 2005
Catchment Water Sampling-March 28, 2005
Catchment Water ARA Setup-April 01, 2005
Catchment Phosphorus Setup and ARA Readings-April 02, 2005
Catchment Sampling-Bushmills Wastewater Treatment Plant-April 08, 2005
Catchment Sampling-Farm Animal Sources-April 18, 2005
Catchment Sampling with Hugo and Peter-April 20, 2005
ARA Plate Images, Colisure Setup, and Northern Ireland Research Group-April 29, 2005