Catchment Research Sites-Ireland

February 17, 2005 (Click on Image to Enlarge)

'Shock' Field Drainage Area.jpg

'Shock' Field Drainage AreaB.jpg

Armagh Catchment Stream.jpg

Armagh Catchment StreamB.jpg

Armagh Orchard by Stream.jpg

Armagh Sampling Site.jpg

Armagh Sampling SiteB.jpg

Dungannon Catchment Stream.jpg

Dungannon Sampling Site.jpg

Dungannon Sampling SiteB.jpg

Irish Peat Moss.jpg

Irish Peat MossB.jpg

Monaghan Catchment Kiosk.jpg

Monaghan Catchment Stream.jpg

Monaghan Catchment StreamB.jpg

Phil Jordan and Carolyn at Dungannon.jpg

Phil Jordan and Carolyn.jpg

Phil Jordan and CarolynB.jpg

Ralph Jones Farm.jpg

Ralph Jones FarmB.jpg

Ralph Jones FarmC.jpg

Ralph Jones FarmD.jpg

Ralph Jones FarmE.jpg

Ralph Jones FarmF.jpg