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How Many Applications?

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To How Many Schools Should You Apply?

There is no definite formula, but here are some rules of thumb to consider:


Application fees and transcript fees can be significant if you’re on a limited budget. Consider these costs as you make plans to apply.

• Applying to more than one or two schools is advisable, especially if admission is selective and difficult to determine.

• Consult with your faculty advisor on this question. His or her understanding of your record and familiarity with options may help you determine how many, which tier school, and what program you should apply for.

• After studying schools, select the schools that cover a span of potential admission. For example, apply to one first choice that perhaps represents an ideal where your chances are not out of the question but you are uncertain about acceptance; then apply to one that may be lower in terms of preference, but surer in terms of admission; then select two or three in between.

Below you will find a sample grid that may help you keep track of the application process:


Application Record
School Fee
Tests Required
Date Applied

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