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Graduate & Professional School Online Guide

Admissions & Applications

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Graduate/Professional School Admission Requirements and Application Procedures

Admission Requirements
Specific schools or programs may have different or additional requirements. The requirements listed below are general suggestions that are generic to most institutions and programs:

A. Application Form: Applications can be obtained from each institution in which you are interested. Some schools require applications for both the school and specific department you wish to enter. These may be available on-line.
B. Admissions Tests: Refer to the listings on page 8 of this publication for specific information about entrance tests. Be sure to check out each individual school to verify the test required.
C. Undergraduate Transcript: Usually a minimum GPA is required; often it is a 3.0. An official copy of your transcript can be forwarded to schools upon written request. This request, which requires your social security number, years (attended Ferrum College) and signature, is completed by the Registrar’s Office.
D. Letters of Recommendation: Most often forms are provided by the school; they involve some type of objective checklist/rating of the applicant, usually with an option to write a narrative. Letters should be from people who know you well and are familiar with your academic ability and preparation, such as advisors, professors for whom you have worked and/or taken several courses, especially in your major, and former employers. You will want to request letters from people who can express opinions regarding your intellect, diligence, and related characteristics. (Since graduate schools assume good character, personal character references are not helpful.)
E. Interview (required by some schools): Treat it like a job interview and dress
appropriately, know enough about the school to ask intelligent questions, and know your goals. Be yourself. Arrange for a campus mock interview (through the CSO) beforehand, if possible.
F. Special Admission Requirements: Some schools may require a work sample, such as artwork, musical tape, research paper, etc. If you are required to take a special test, try to arrange for it while you are visiting the school.

Read the on-line or print catalogues for each school. Many of your questions can be answered by doing this simple task.

Application Procedures
Get information or complete an online request form about the schools in which you are interested. Send a letter to each school. Include your contact information, your undergraduate major, and intended field of study. Request a catalog and application form from the school and department, as well as financial aid and any other general or electronic information.

Complete the application forms. Make a rough draft before filling in the form. Type or print all entries with the utmost accuracy and fully complete each question or blank. Send your application in well before the deadline - waiting until the last minute gives a negative impression and the application should be on file before the transcript, letters, etc. begin to arrive. Be sure to include your application fee. You may be able to apply on-line.

Arrange for letters of recommendation. Provide each professional reference write with a stamped, addressed envelope in which to send the reference letter. Allow several weeks for people to write letters and allow yourself time to follow up and make sure letters have been submitted. Send thank you notes to recommendation writers (this can also serve as a reminder, too).

Send transcripts. Give the Registrars Office plenty of time to process this - at least 2 weeks.

Take the required admission tests and have scores forwarded to the institutions.

State what tests you have taken and on what dates.

Application Checklist

  __ Application form submitted
__ Admissions tests taken/submitted
__ College transcripts sent
__ Letters of recommendation sent
__ Interview/essay completed
__ Other:
__ Valuable Tip
Remember, students are ultimately responsible for submitting all required materials… and making sure that they arrive on time.
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