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Graduate & Professional School Online Guide

Questions to Ask

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Suggested Questions to ask Admissions Representatives about Graduate Programs

Overall Program

What characteristics distinguish this program from others in the same field?

May I have the names of recent alumni and students presently enrolled in the program? (You will want to ask these individuals about the strengths and weaknesses of the program.)

Admissions Requirements


What is the relative importance of admissions test scores, undergraduate grades, recommendations, internships, and research?

Does the department prefer applicants immediately out of undergraduate programs or do they prefer some work experience? If they prefer or require experience, ask, “What kind of experience are you looking for?”


How many faculty members does the department have?

Does the department’s reputation rest heavily on one or two professors? (You’re checking for depth in the faculty here.)

What have faculty members published lately? (Compare professors’ interests to your own).

Student Life

What student organizations are related to this program major?

What are the social and cultural activities of the school?

What percentages of students attend full-time vs. part-time?

Campus Facilities
  Describe the library and computer facilities. How accessible are they (times, location, special considerations)?
  Does the program include planned practical experiences? (Ask for examples of internship placements or practicum.)

Financial Aid

  What types of financial aid are offered? How much money is available? What criteria are used for choosing recipients?
Career Services and Follow-Up of Graduates
  How many organizations recruit on campus and who are they? Where are the graduates employed?

Talk to more than one person in the program or department; make it a mix of faculty, staff, students, and alumni/ae.

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