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Our 2017 Enrichment Classes


Classes involve ACTIVE PARTICIPATION with a variety of daily projects and group activities. Instructors are specially chosen for their unique abilities to make learning come alive. Average class size is 12 participants. Campers are enrolled in four classes.


Anime, Sushi, and Samurai!

Explore Japanese culture this summer! Learn basic greetings and Japanese alphabets; write your name in traditional calligraphy; cook authentic sushi rolls on a bamboo mat; dance along fishermen's folklore in festival attire; discover the world of anime cartoons; and become a samurai warrior! Experience all of these without traveling to the other side of the globe.  Instruction by Taiki Sawabe of the Japanese Outreach Initiative at Ferrum College. 


Bon Voyage en Francais I!  (Level I for students with NO experience in French)
Communicate in French and enjoy “un voyage imaginaire” to Paris and the provinces.  Enjoy French music, learn about life in France, do some French cooking, and create your own personality collage “en francais”.  It’s a culture all its own.


Bon Voyage en Francais II!  (Level II for students with any experience in French)
Aimez-vous les Francais? Take your love of the country and its people to a new level in a continental week of “all things French.”


Cooking 101

Sample new foods and whip up a delicious variety of snacks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. Impress your family and friends as you become a culinary wizard! This class will also cover topics of food preparation and presentation, menu planning, kitchen safety and table manners.


Crime Scene Investigators
Follow the evidence!  Experience the real-life adventure of detective work from arrival on the scene, to collecting evidence, analyzing clues, and drawing conclusions.  Examine the evidence in the laboratory and use interactive web-based activities to learn the latest techniques of crime scene investigation.



If you love to draw, or just wish you could, this class is for you!  Projects will focus on the HOW TO of drawing objects and shapes, still lifes, characters and cartoons.  See your talents unfold as you learn to apply the fundamentals of outlining, shading, form, and perspective.  Take home a portfolio with masterpieces suitable for framing.


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Engineering I - Rise To New Heights! 

Start thinking like an engineer, and build the future!  Discover what makes the tallest towers stand, how bridges span incredible distances, and why physics and geometry are important to everyday structures.  You and your classmates will conquer daily structural challenges through a combination of design techniques, imagination, and engineering skills.  Just ask the ancient pyramid builders----engineers rule!


Engineering II - Span Greater Distances!
(For returning campers who have previously taken Engineering I: Rising to New Heights)

Through collaboration, communication and critical thinking with classmates, challenge your creativity and engineering skills.  Ever wonder how clay bricks can last centuries and the tallest towers never fall during a wind storm?  Discover how structures survive the elements, (wind, rain and snow), without falling down. You and your classmates will conquer new challenges and weather the storms!


The Ferrum Challenge

Head to the woods to challenge yourself on the Ferrum College Ropes Course! Spend the first two days on the low ropes learning about yourself and explore how we interact with others. Then head up into the trees for personal and team challenges on the high ropes course cumulating in a 500 foot-long zip line! Cap off the week with time on the climbing wall and rappelling tower.


Hogwarts Academy I: O.W.L.

Get sorted! Enter the classroom of Harry Potter, and experience the education of the boy wizard with Ferrum College’s own internationally recognized Harry Potter expert. Study for your Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L.s) exams in subject areas such as Charms, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. First years only!


Hogwarts Academy II: N.E.W.T.

Hogwarts upperclassmen do have their privileges. FCSEC repeaters may return to the classroom of Harry Potter and experience the education of the boy wizard with Ferrum College’s own internationally recognized Harry Potter expert. Returning students work toward completion of the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test, studying such subjects as Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Divination. Also try out for the Quidditch team.


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Living, 1800 Style

The year is 1800. A 30-mile trip takes an entire day. John Adams is president, but you have never seen his image or heard his voice. You need real skills to keep your family warm and fed. Step back in time at Ferrum College’s Blue Ridge Farm Museum, an 1800 living history farmstead, for hands-on training in oxen driving, open hearth cooking, cabin building, gardening, blacksmithing, and other tasks. Learn two different skills each day in a one-of-a kind setting.


The Music in My Head

You’re the composer and the DJ in your own musical world of looping and software tracking.  Mix the popular with the exotic to build a completely personal sound of your own creation.  At the end of each session you’ll have a one-of-a-kind song in the genre of that day, and at the end of the week you’ll compile a showcase CD of all your compositions.  “The Music in My Head” is taught by a professional musician with years of live performance and studio work.  No musical experience is needed for this class.



Mythology – The original Superheroes—the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, the deities of Egypt, the Norse and Celtic immortals—squabbled with their peers, meddled in human affairs, and demanded respect and adoration.  Now they are coming to our class.   Explore the worlds of mythological gods and goddesses, create artwork, and take the forms of the deities for discussions and dramatizations.  Fittingly, the week will close with an epic party for the ages!


Summer Theater

Develop acting techniques and gain confidence in performing onstage. Learn the fundamentals of voice projection and articulation, teamwork, stage directions and use of props as you prepare a performance for camp friends for Friday evening. Daily warm-up activities and fast-paced theatre games add to the fun.


The Writer’s Toolbox

Writers are masters of their universes, spinning ideas and sending characters to the edges of imagination.  In “The Writer’s Toolbox” you’ll explore techniques—everything from point-of-view to plot and settings—and build skills for a lifetime of creative expression in poetry and fiction.  Led by a published author, the entire group will produce a camp literary magazine showcasing everyone’s work.


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