FCSEC Frequently Asked Questions


At FCSEC, we believe that a healthy self-concept is essential for fully developing one’s talents and skills. The daily academic program is balanced with a variety of social and recreational activities designed to promote personal growth, team-building and an appreciation of individual differences and abilities. The camp motto is reinforced daily in a variety of ways as campers are encouraged to approach new learning situations with an “I-CAN-DO-IT” attitude.


Please feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered below.


Q When was FCSEC established?

FCSEC began in 1990.

Q What are the acceptance requirements to FCSEC and what does the application process entail?

Students applying to FCESC should meet the following criteria:
  • Currently in Grades four, five, six or seven
  • Academically motivated, making As and Bs
  • Enjoy Learning
  • Well-behaved in classroom settings

To Apply---Submit an application (either an application from our brochure or print this PDF application). Include with your registration two essays: Essay one should describe why you would like to attend FCSEC and Essay two should answer the question, If you had to live on a deserted island, what three items would you bring and why? Also include a deposit of $200.00, payable to Ferrum College. Mail to FCSEC, Ferrum College, PO Box 1000, Ferrum, VA 24088

Q What is the daily schedule like at FCSEC?

The daily academic program is balanced with a variety of social and recreational activities to promote personal growth, team-building, and an appreciation of individual differences and abilities. The camp motto is reinforced daily in a variety of ways as campers are encouraged to approach new learning situations with an “I CAN DO IT” attitude. A typical daily routine can be found here.

Q What is the cost for FCSEC?

This is 2014 fee information. Check back for 2015 rates.

The fee of $725.00 includes room and board, supplies for classes, and FCSEC t-shirt. A $200.00 deposit must accompany the registration form. The remaining balance of $525.00 is due June 14, 2014. In the event FCSEC is full, your deposit will be returned.

In case of cancellation, $100.00 of the deposit will be refunded if requested before June 1, 2014. After June 1, there will be no deposit refund.

All checks should be made payable to FCSEC and mailed to FCSEC, PO Box 1000, Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA. 24088.

If siblings are attending, the fee for the second and additional siblings is $665.00.

Q Where is the FCSEC located & how do I get there?

Q Tell me about your camp staff.

FCSEC is co-directed by Chip Phillips, Director of Summer Programs at Ferrum College, and Gail Brendle, Franklin County Public Schools.

Additional “live-in” staff, includes an Assistant Camp Director and a Camp Nurse.

Specially selected camp counselors are assigned to each group of 8-10 campers. Our camp counselors have an average of 2 ½ years of FCSEC camp counselor experience and many were former FCSEC campers.

FCSEC offers Counselor-In-Training and Counselor-In-Waiting programs for aspiring counselors—CITs and CIWs assist Counselors and help with camp activities.

Q Will my child be safe on campus?

Campers are allowed a measure of independence in as safe an environment as is reasonable. However, going to camp is not risk-free. FCSEC staff undergo extensive reference and criminal background checks. All counselors attend a 2 day orientation/training session during which safety guidelines are covered. A portion of training includes how to identify and deal with incidents of bullying. Our camp nurse has live-in responsibilities (24 x 7) during camp. Tri-Area Community Health Center is located on campus and would be our first referral site for non-emergency injuries or illnesses beyond basic first aid, during their normal business hours.

The camp motto is reinforced daily in a variety of ways as campers are encouraged to approach new learning situations with an “I CAN DO IT” attitude. Freedom from peer pressure is emphasized as well as respect for different points of view and ways of thinking.

Campus is patrolled on a 24 x 7 basis by College Police Officers.

Q How can campers be contacted during camp?

Parents may contact campers via the following methods:

Snail Mail:
Camper Name
P O Box 1000
Ferrum College
Ferrum, VA 24088

Subject Field: Camper Name
(Email account only valid during camp)

(540) 365-5589
Send Attention: FCSEC, Camper Name

At any given moment during camp, campers could be at a variety of locations on campus--in a classroom, meals, recreational or other activity. In most instances, you will be asked to leave a message for your camper with a contact number. Campers will be contacted based on the urgency of the call. If you need to reach your child in an emergency situation, contact Gail Brendle, Camp Director, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 10:30 PM by calling the Summer Programs Office at (540) 365-4224 or camp office at (540) 365-5126 (operational during camp sessions only). After 11:00 PM, in the event of an EMERGENCY, contact Campus Police at (540) 365-4444 and identify yourself as a parent of a camper attending FCSEC.

Q What is the FCSEC cell phone policy?

Q What is the attendance breakdown of each age group? How many returning campers attend camp each year?

2013 camper breakdown: 4th graders--21%; 5th graders 24%; 6th graders 27%; and 7th graders 28%.

45% of 2013 attendees were returners. (Approximately 30% of our campers “age out” each year).

2013 camper survey results—When asked, “Would you like to come to FCSEC again?”, 98% of campers responded, Yes.

Q Where will campers live during camp? What if they would like a friend to be their roommate?

Campers and staff are housed in an air-conditioned residence hall on campus.

If you wish to room with a friend, this request will be honored if both make the request to room together and both are accepted.

Q What type of items should I pack to bring to camp? What items are not allowed at camp?

Q Does my child need spending money at camp?

Campers may bring spending money, if desired, for purchases at the Bookstore, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, (all located on campus) and/or campus vending machines. Please bring ONE and /or FIVE dollar bills only. Camper money can be kept with the camp bank.

Q Will I know in advance which classes campers will be enrolled in before check-in?

Campers will only be notified in advance of classes when additional information is necessary for the camper to be enrolled in that particular class.

Every effort is made to insure campers are enrolled in each of their top four classes, however there may be instances, due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, where this may not be possible. Top priority will be to insure the camper is enrolled in their first and second choice classes. If a class is closed due to maximum enrollment or scheduling makes it impossible to accommodate the camper’s top four choices, the camper’s fifth or sixth choice class will be substituted.

Campers are arbitrarily placed in classes, so specific class requests with friends cannot be accommodated, allowing campers to expand their circle of “camp” friends. A camp friendship may last a lifetime, or only a summer, but either way camp offers children the opportunity to branch out from their regular circle of friends and learn to connect with other people in positive ways.

Q What happens if there are disciplinary problems with campers?

All campers are expected to comply with camp rules. Minor infractions will be addressed by camp staff. If a camper does not conform to FCSEC rules, parents may be contacted and camper may be asked to leave camp. You can find our camp rules here.

Q What should campers wear to the Friday night banquet?

Campers should wear a “dressy” outfit for the banquet (boys—khaki pants and button shirt; girls—nice pants, skirt or dress).

Q How can I Contact FCSEC?

If you have additional questions about FCSEC please call Chip Phillips during the day at 888-508-7822, or call Gail at 540-798-9913 weekday nights from 7:00-9:00 PM. Chip can be contacted via email at .

Camp fosters a sense of independence while allowing your child to enjoy new experiences and meet new people.

Put simply—camp is fun!!!!