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What Other Kids Say


"Spending a whole week without my parents and staying in a dorm with my friends would be a great way to experience this summer, especially when I am graduating from Middle School!"

"FCSEC can leave you with the best memory of your summer, or even your life. You get to sing camp songs in the pool on the last day. Also you can watch morning skits. Another memory you can make at camp is zip lining at the Ferrum Challenge. These are my favorite memories of FCSEC."

"It’s the best camp and most fun camp there ever was."

"Of course, what kind of list would this be without including the dance? It is so much fun, and it is a really nice way of saying goodbye (at least until next year). My friends and I were constantly smiling and laughing at the dance to the point where are cheeks hurt. It’s a perfect representation of how much fun FCSEC is."

"My favorite camp memory of FCSEC is knowing that I did it. I got to my classes, went up to my dorm, met my roommate, unpacked, and got ready for a wonderful week of summer vacation. I know that I finally had nothing to worry about and camp was going to be an amazing time. Looking back on it now, having to gone to camp before, I don’t know why I was so scared. But knowing that I accomplished my fear, right when I got my letter telling me that I was able to go to camp, all the way up to that very point, it was a great feeling. "

"When we got to the high ropes course I got the courage to do tackle each obstacle. I was proud of myself for taking a risk and doing something that I was afraid of. The happiest moment at Ferrum was when I was up in the air, filled with adrenaline and free. I learned that I could do anything if I just believe in myself, and it is okay if I take my time to face my fears."

"I really love how CSI allows me to learn about Forensic Science, make connections with people similar to me, and lets me use my analytical side of my brain to solve a mystery……a crime."

“My favorite camp memory was the first time I zip lined. I am terrified of heights, so at first I was really scared. As I was climbing my friends cheered me on. I think that really helped. When I got to the top, I felt relieved, satisfied, brave and confident. Right before I went down the zip line, I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t be scared. Then once we had kicked off, I opened my eyes and let out a shout of joy. I will cherish that memory forever."

"I feel that FCSEC is a great place to continue to grow to the state of independence, given what a great time I had last year. Camps like these have given me a chance to do things that I would have otherwise not been able to do without the guidance and protection of my parents. This experience was eye-opening and it gave me the confidence and bravery to tell myself, “You can do this, just face it head on”. The staff and counselors treated me like a “normal camper”, despite my differences, and really helped me feel at home, which was what I would looking for in a dream, action-packed camp.”

“I went to FCSEC last year and had a blast!  I made many new friends and I can’t wait to see them again this year.  I learned so many things last year and I want to return to learn even more.  I loved all the fun activities, like seminar night and skit night.  I made lots of new friendships, and I loved the counselors, not to mention the great food!

After returning home from an awesome week at FCSEC last year, I could not wait to tell my friends.  After hearing all the fun stories, they couldn’t wait to go this year.  I cannot wait to return to FCSEC with friends from back home, old friends from FCSEC and hopefully some brand new friends!”

“I would like to attend FCSEC because I have attended it before and it was amazing. I would also like to attend because I enjoy the activities and classes……and I really love “sleep-over” camps.”

“When I return to FCSEC each summer I cannot wait to see the friends I met last year.  We all had a wonderful time at camp singing camp songs, and making skits.  AT FCSEC there are so many nice counselors who helped prepare for our classes, skits, and some even played Apples to Apples with us.  Overall I am awaiting summer camp with much anticipation.”

Last summer I attended FCSEC and really enjoyed myself there and learned a lot.  I am naturally shy but while I was there I felt that I made some good relationships and felt comfortable with them.  I am homeschooled and the only place I interact with people my age is at my church’s youth group.”

“I loved the time that I had at FCSEC last year.  The classes are very fun, exciting and interesting.  I am eager to go back to this summer camp with my friends and relive the amazing experience that I had last year.”

“I want to attend FCSEC because I enjoy it every year and every year it gets better.  Each summer I sign up for Ferrum Challenge, Summer Theater, something hands on, and something new.  Every year it (FCSEC) gets better and so do I. The last reason I want to attend is because the counselors and staff are always amazing and fun.”

“The last year I went to FCSEC it was amazing.  I surrounded myself with an amazing environment. Since my first year at camp I was kind of nervous, but my counselor and returning campers made it a lot easier. My main point is FCSEC was extremely fun. The reason FCSEC was so much fun was because the activities and the schedules were really fun.”

“I want to come back to FCSEC for two reasons.  First, is that I would like to see my old friends and meet new ones.  FCSEC has always done a great job at making people bond and I’ve always met amazing people.  Second, I want to do the classes again…The Ferrum Challenge class has been so fun and makes me feel free and happy.”

“There are many things I can do during the summer but I pick one.  The thing I want to do is go to camp at FCSEC.  I want to go to FCSEC because it is something fun to do rather than watching television all summer; I enjoy the selection and variety of classes; and the counselors are fun and nice.”

“I have gone (to FCSEC) multiple years and the camp, I have to say, is amazing. I come home from camp and want to go back. The classes are very useful and I enjoy learning subjects like the classes in the style they are taught. I think that the camp is a great opportunity and I am glad the camp appears to open up for more people, like ‘A/B’ students instead of just ‘A’ students or just gifted students. I believe FCSEC is a great learning experience. I was nervous my first year, but my counselor took the time to help me adjust to camp.”

“I want to go the FCSEC for many reasons.  It is fun, educational, and you get to make new friends that last a lifetime.  From the two years that I have been to Ferrum, I’ve discovered these types of adventures open you up to your true self.  It helps you notice what kind of person you are, but that is just the beginning.  The past two summers were amazing!  My counselors were great!  They were fun and engaging and knew what we liked to do.  Now I encourage other people to take a step forward and go to FCSEC.  Remember though, it’s not just ‘I can do it’, it’s “WE can do it’!”

“Last year, FCSEC was an excellent way for me to leave my little hometown and to have some fun with kids my age. Last summer, the counselors sang silly camp songs every morning which made my friends and I never want to leave.  The classes I took not only taught me how to cook, act, etc. but it also made me enjoy getting away.  FCSEC would be a great way to start off the summer.”

“I would like to go to FCSEC to make new friends and meet new people.  In the three years I have attended FCSEC, I have always learned new things at this camp.  I think learning these things, (at FCSEC), will help me in my future career selection.  This is a great camp because I always make friends I will keep forever.  I also learning new camp songs and doing group skits.”

“For the past three summers, I have journeyed out of my state in order to visit a very special place called Ferrum College. And every year the reason that I am there is FCSEC, the one-week summer camp that has literally created some of the best weeks of my life. With interesting and interactive classes, friendly and fun counselors, and the classic activities including Ferrum Feud, the Friday Dance and Seminar night, Ferrum is truly a magical place."

A wonderful thing about FCSEC is many of the kids share my interests, making the awesome activities even better due to everyone’s good attitudes and varied personalities.  Whether it is the staff, pool, zip-line, theater, magic, friends, dance parties, Gina, food, CSI, lake, dorms, skits, seminars, gym, Max, laughs, camp songs or my signature fedora, Ferrum is a great place that I have recommended to many.”

“I want to attend FCSEC because I make so many wonderful memories.  The first time that I attended FCSEC I had such a good time, and through the years I have made wonderful friends, and learned many fascinating things.  I love camp so much, and I wish I could go there for the rest of my life.”

“I would like to attend FCSEC again this year because when I attended last summer, I had the time of my life.  The week I spent at FCSEC last year was the best and most fun I had all summer.  I want to attend camp again because last year I made many new friends and the counselors made the week a lot of fun.  The classes I attended were very educational and the food was outstanding.  Being away from home last year by myself was a new experience for me and it gave me independence and self-confidence.”