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What Other Kids Say


“I went last year (as suggested by my cousins and sister) and I LOVED IT! I had sooo much much fun that I couldn't wait to come back this year! I really, really, really hope that I will be accepted to go back to my FAVORITE SUMMER CAMP EVER!”

“Last year I had a blast.  I wanted to stay even longer after that week had ended, and I have been waiting since the end of camp to go again.”

“I have had many wonderful experiences at the Ferrum College Summer Enrichment Camp.  Every year I learn something new.  I am looking forward to being able to try new things and explore further into a world filled with creativity and adventure.”

"I am always able to find something new and different to do each year.  The campers come from all over the country which is such a privilege, because you get to meet new people and learn things we might not have known before.”

“I have been given a chance to try something that not all people are able to do and I am thankful that I have gotten this chance to come and join others in these past unforgettable and wonderful summers.”

“I would like to go to Ferrum College Summer Enrichment Camp because in previous years when I came I had a blast. I have to say this is the best camp I have ever been to. And you get to be on your own for one week. My brother has also been to the camp and loved it. I like how you don't only do classes, but you have free time and, skits and lots of other things to look forward to this year. Thanks for having this amazing camp.”

“My sisters have been to your summer camp before and told me how much fun they had each year. I can only wish for the same adventures they experienced.”

“I have gone to FCSEC every year I have been able to. Every year, I have the best week ever, and I look forward to going again this year. Every time school ends, the thing I look forward to the most about summer is FCSEC. I love everything about FCSEC!”

“As a ten year old in a Fairfax County public school, I think that I need to gain some independence and after my dad found out about FCSEC in 2012 I felt that it would be perfect. So I attended camp for the first time. It was GREAT!!!!!”

“FCSEC really stood out from other summer camps. FCSEC was fun but physically and mentally challenging. I used logic and what I learned in the classes to solve puzzles and build creations. During Quidditch and the Ferrum Challenge, I pushed my body to exceed at the tasks.”

“I enjoy learning and always want to have different experiences and gain knowledge. I also think it will be great to be around kids who have the same interests as me.”

“I had a lot of fun when I went to FCSEC last year. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the wide array of classes. Last year FCSEC was the highlight of my summer.”

“I want to go to Ferrum again this summer. It's like, the best camp I've ever been to. It has a lot of fun activities and classes to take. When you meet other campers it's like you've known them for a long time.”

"I would be honored to have the chance to go to a camp that provides such amazing opportunities for learning fun and valuable things."

"There were so many other activities and events that I was able to learn and enjoy. The instructors, camp counselors, and all the adults were very fun and supportive. I learned how to live on my own, with other individuals I had never met, and with a roommate. This was one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my life."

"I love how FCSEC is set up to be like a real college experience, and how we can meet new people every year."