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What Other Kids Say


“There are so many activities that are a blast. I want to go to FCSEC because it’s fun and the best camp that I’ve been to.”

“I want to meet new people from different areas or from different cultures.
I enjoyed FCSEC last year. I learned new skills, learned about responsibility, and discovered more about myself.”

“I believe that FCSEC is an interesting and well-structured summer camp where kids can have fun and learn at the same time.  FCSEC is my all-time favorite summer camp!”

(Attending camp last summer)--"At the end of the week, it had felt like only two days had passed.  When my parents arrived I did not even want to go home.  I had had so much fun.  I said to myself then that I was definitely coming back next year. ”

“I loved my experience at FCSEC last year and would like to have the same experience or better this year.  The staff and counselors were great.  The opportunity to experience life on a college campus while making new friends was awesome.  Attending FCSEC again this summer will give me the opportunity to better explore and be exposed to a variety of learning experiences that I do not have at my school.  It will give me the opportunity to meet and spend time with other students like myself.  I can also be myself while learning and having fun with others, and not having to worry about what other students think.”

“Attending last year was one of the best summers of my life; experiencing independent living and life on a college campus while making new friends. I love the campus—it is beautiful. FCSCE will give me the opportunity to again explore a variety of challenging learning experiences that I do not have access to at my school.”

“I remember my first year (at FCSEC) and how fun it was. It was my first summer camp that I had gone to by myself away from home and, all of you, including the kids there, made me feel like I was home with my family. FCSEC was so much fun that as soon as I got home I knew that I wanted to go to college when I get older.”

“I have attended FCSEC the past two years and I’ve loved every second of both sessions. FCSEC is probably the most fun summer camp I’ve ever been to.”

“Last year was my first time to go away to camp and I picked FCSEC because of the fun choices for classes. I had so much fun that I asked my parents to come back again this year on the day that they picked me up. I made some really good friends that I am still in touch with. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!!”

“I was a camper last year and would love to be a returning camper! I made friends, felt independent, and enjoyed the classes! The classes I took were extremely impressive. The teachers were nice. Last year I made lifte time friends and neat crafts.”

“At FCSEC I can be myself and know that it’s OK because there are kids just like me. I’ve been coming to FCSEC for two years now and it’s always so much fun to see my friends again, since they all live so far away! The campers, the counselors, the camp staff, they all feel like family, welcoming you in with smiles and open arms. FCSEC isn’t just a camp, it’s a gateway of opportunity, fun and learning!”

“The friendly counselors and teachers were welcoming to me during my first year. They were great leaders at everything they did. My camp counselor from last summer encouraged me to reach my full potential and have fun.”

“I love seeing my friends and counselors from previous years. I mean, when you really miss someone and only talk over Facebook or whatever, how cool is it to finally see them in person again? It just makes FCSEC even better. Another great thing about FCSEC it how fun the classes are. I’ve never taken a class I didn’t like at camp.”