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      Schoolfield Hall, Ferrum College

Information for
Parents and
Families of New
Ferrum Students


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  Cover and Letter From President Braaten


Area Information

          Driving Directions, Accommodations, Banks, Restaurants, Local Areas of Interest, Campus Map




          College Calendar, Planning Classes/Selecting a Major, Advising, Liberal Arts Core Requirements, Academic 
          Resources,  Office of Academic Accessibility, The PACE Office/Parent Liaison, FOCUS, Experiential Term (E-Term),

          Stanley Library, Spanish and Russian at Ferrum


Financial Aid and Student Accounts


          Financial Aid FAQ’s, Student Employment, Payment Schedule, Tuition, Room and Board,
          Special Fees, Policy for Withdrawal, Payment Options, Student Accounts FAQ's


Residence Education and Commuter Information

          Family Resources, Residence Hall Life, Residence Hall Facilities, Life in the Residence Hall, Living w/ a Roommate,  
          Intentional Democratic Communities, Leadership Opportunities, Residence Hall Staff, FAQ’s, Commuting to
          Ferrum, Commuter Student Association, Parking, What to Bring / Not Bring to College




          Information Sources


Career Services and Student Leadership & Engagement

          Career Services Office (CSO), Clubs and Organizations


Religious Life

          Worship Opportunities


Health Services and Counseling

          Ferrum Community Health Center, Counseling Services


Other Campus Services


          Bookstore, Communications, Information Services, Accessing Student E-Mail and Web Advisor, Ferrum Express,
Dining Services, Meal Plan Information, Food Court, Mail Service, College Police


Additional Educational & Enrichment Opportunities

          Appalachian Cluster, Ferrum Outdoors, International Programs


Miscellaneous Information & Forms


          Inclement Weather Policy & Information Sources, Compressed Schedule, e2Campus, FERPA Waiver Form


Contact Information

          and the Ferrum Motto and Alma Mater


Ferrum College - Celebrating a Century

Updated May, 2013