Richard Chase Visits the Jack Tale Players


Richard Chase (1904-88), folklorist and performer, visited Ferrum twice as a consultant in the late 1970s, the early years of the Jack Tale Players.


Richard Chase, with his stories, songs, and puppet, captivated audiences of all ages.




Richard Chase talks to the Jack Tale Players in 1977.



Chase watches some kids enjoying a performance
by the Jack Tale Players.  

Richard Chase (right) with Rex Stephenson

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Richard Chase's archive version of "Munsmeg" and Rex Stephenson's script "Mutsmag" have been published in
 Crosscurrents of Children's Literature: An Anthology of Texts and Criticism
Edited by J. D. Stahl, Tina L. Hanlon, and Elizabeth Lennox Keyser, Oxford University Press, Oct. 2006
In Part 3, Oral and Written Literary Traditions, pp. 397-409


Jack Comes to Ferrum

Sculpture of the head of Jack used by Berkeley Williams, Jr.
when he illustrated Chase's Jack Tales,
given to Ferrum College by Mrs. Williams in 1978.

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