Nellie McCaslin, Ph.D., featured the Jack Tale Players in her book A Historical Guide to Children’s Theatre.  McCaslin evaluated the troupe, saying:

     "An example of an innovative and highly imaginative program is the one developed at Ferrum College in southwest Virginia. Rex Stephenson began work with a group of students and a personal interest in the local folklore known as the 'Jack Tales.' These stories from the Blue Ridge Mountains, which had been handed down in the oral tradition, appealed to Stephenson as having dramatic possibilities."

Jack Tale Players Benefit Performance

Benefit for the Franklin County Humane Society,
Honoring Dr. Nellie McCaslin

March 1, 2006

Sale Theatre, Ferrum College 

Press release        Iron Blade article

Pictures from performance



Rex Stephenson's retelling of "Jack and the Hainted House" appears  in Nellie McCaslin’s Creative Drama in the Classroom and Beyond (editions  4–8). 8th ed. Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2005.

Nellie McCaslin (1914-2005) in one of her summer performances with the Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre: Life on the Mississippi, July 2001

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