Galileo: Man of Science  
Jack Tale Productions created a new show to meet the needs of today's curriculum: Galileo: Man of Science.

Galileo was developed with the Virginia standards of learning in mind, and it uses actual experiments in the production.  The play is grounded in science and history, focusing on an individual who demonstrated courage, passion, and dedication in the quest for knowledge.

The central theme running through the play is how Galileo's new ideas were discounted by the leading scholars and authorities of the day.  While we see these individuals laugh at and punish Galileo, we know that he was right and his discoveries would become the foundation for modern science.

This project was underwritten by a grant from the Appalachian College Association. 

The script of Galileo: Man of Science was written by R. Rex Stephenson and Mike Trochim, with lyrics and music by Jon Cohn and R. Rex Stephenson. It was published with a Teacher Resource Guide by New Plays for Children, 1996. It has been reprinted by Dramatic Publishing and is available at this link.
Here Galielo explains his theories to some eager-to-learn students.   

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