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Images from Kona
These photographs were taken by Lana Whited during an August 2001 visit to the Kona community. The photographer is very grateful to Carole Boggess of Mars Hill College who arranged the visit and served as a chaperone and to Mrs. Ruth Silver, a resident of Kona, who accompanied us on our visit to the Kona Baptist Church and churchyard. Mrs. Silver is the mother of Wayne Silver, who died in June 2001 and was, for many years, the keeper of the Frankie Silver legend by virtue of his collection of documents and other artifacts at Kona Baptist Church.


The grave(s) of Charlie Silver at Kona Baptist Church, Kona, North Carolina.

Sign marking the Kona Baptist Church cemetary and identifying it as the burial place of George Silver, a Revolutionary War veteran. George or Georg Silver is said by the Silver Genealogy web sites to have been the name of the first Silver ancestor to arrive in North America from Germany.
The gravestone of Frankie Silver, located on a farm just west of Morganton, North Carolina. Directions to the site can be found on the Frankie Stewart Silver Memorial Page. The headstone contains several errors, including the misspelling of her last name and the identification of Silver as the "only woman every hanged in Burke County." The headstone was provided in 1952 by Beatrice Cobb, editor of the Morganton newspaper.
A hand-copied "Ballad of Frankie Silver" on display in the old Kona Baptist Church near Bakersfield, North Carolina.  
The old Kona Baptist Church, location of many documents and other artifacts related to the Frankie Silver legend, mostly collected by Wayne Silver. This view is from the new Kona Baptist Church cemetary across the road.
Lana Whited during her August 2001 visit to Kona. 


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