Photos from Dr. Whited's trip to Salzburg, Austria (February 2004)

In February 2004, Dr. Whited participated in Salzburg Seminar session 416, "Ethics in News Reporting and Editing," in Salzburg, Austria. The session involved 55 reporters, editors, and academics from 29 countries. If the Schloss Leopoldskrom pictured here looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen The Sound of Music. The scene in which the von Trapp children emerge dripping from the lake to have pink lemonade with the Baroness was filmed on the terrace.

Dr. Whited's "classmates" in Salzburg.
The 55 participants in session 416 represented 29 nations.
Can you spot Dr. Whited? (It isn't hard.)

The magnificent Austrian alps,
as seen from the terrace of the Schloss Leopoldskrom.