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History Channel's "Modern Marvels" Interviews Roddy Moore

            Ferrum-  Roddy Moore, director of the Blue Ridge Institute and Farm Museum, was interviewed on May 24 for an upcoming show on The History Channel.  Moore will be featured on Modern Marvels.  The one-hour program will feature and explain the history of 'Towing.”   The show will consist of five segments, four of which will explain towing and producing forward motion with modern use of the internal combustion engine.  Moore explained the ability to harness power in the days before the internal combustion engine, via horse and oxen.  Moore's interview spanned centuries and millennia, as he addressed the use of sleds, which pre-date the wheel, as well as chariots, wagons, and the apparatuses needed to put them in motion. 

            The taping, which took place in the Farm Museum barn, will show a backdrop of harnesses, yokes, and collars, which are used when putting animals to work in the agrarian setting.

            The show will air later this year. 

Diane Hailey '98, of the Ferrum College Public Relations Office, lobs” questions to Moore.

The interview was taped at the scenic Blue Ridge Farm Museum, located on the Ferrum College campus

Roddy Moore waits for his cue to answer question regarding "towing" in the eras before modern day motion technology


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