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"O Brother Where Art Thou" Soundtrack Favorite
Ralph Stanley & Ferrum College Present:
An MP3 a week

Ralph Stanley

Saturday October 27 at noon,
Ralph Stanley & His Clinch Mountain Boys will offer the best of traditional bluegrass in a ninety-minute concert.  Now 74, Stanley began playing bluegrass with his late brother Carter in 1946, and he has been one of the premier stars of the traditional bluegrass style for 55 years.  Stanley’s popularity has risen even further recently as a result of his work on the soundtrack for the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

Dr. Ralph Stanley
& His Clinch Mountain Boys
See them LIVE at this year's Folklife Festival!
Every Friday until the festival we will celebrate Ralph Stanley's appearance with a different MP3 available for download.

This Week's MP3:
"Man Of Constant Sorrow"
Download Song Here
(may require "download link to disk" with control-click, right-hand mouse button click, or equivilent)

"Man Of Constant Sorrow" is a track from the album "Man Of Constant Sorrow" by Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys courtesy of Rebel Records

"Responsible for some of the most haunting and beautiful harmonies to emerge from the bluegrass music scene..."

"His music - particularly his high, mournful vocals - is so raw, powerful and authentic, that it moves and inspires performers from all musical genres."

"One of the last living founders of bluegrass...which blends rural-based lyrics with fluid, jazz-like instrumental improvisations, he has recorded over 170 albums, received six Grammy nominations, been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music, and was... featured in the film 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' and on the accompanying million-selling soundtrack album."

Quotes from the BBC Radio Artist Database

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Ralph Stanley's special appearance this year on Prarie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor including his live performance of "O Death" (Audio portions require Real Audio).



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