Old Joe Grady

   Old Joe Grady grew up in the Smoky Mountains during the Great Depression. Legends about him abound there, including a tale about him flinging a bear from Tricorner Knob over the top of Mt. LeConte. That's likely an exaggeration. But he did have a lifelong habit of quitting whatever job he was working as soon as he got his pockets full of money. Then he would travel about until he had run out of cash before looking for work again, always hiring on at something he had never done before. Southwestern Virginia became one of his favorite haunts, and his observations while there are periodically aired on WVTF public radio. The titles below are segments already aired. Permission to redistribute or reproduce should be gotten from Old Joe's literary agent, Peter Crow.

Old Joe Grady's Habit of Being Worrisome
Old Joe Grady and Uncle Sam
Finding Work in the Blue Ridge
Old Joe Grady in the Carnival
Old Joe Grady, the Human Resource
Old Joe Grady and Music
Old Joe's Self-Confirmation
Half-Hatched Environmentalists
Conservatives and Liberals
Old Joe Grady's Fish Chowder
Old Joe Grady on Laying Something Out
Old Joe Grady as Executor