LOG IN FROM ANYWHERE: From an on campus phone dial 4251, then enter your extension and password. From off campus dial 365-4251 (local) or (540) 365-4251 (long distance) then enter your extension and password. There are limited lines available to access mailboxes so if you get a busy signal simply wait and call back later.


LOG IN QUICKLY: From your phone, dial the system extension, press # and enter your password.


DIAL AHEAD: If you know what buttons to push, push them without waiting for the system to respond. You can often push several buttons in advance. Note: You can't bypass error beeps and important system messages.


USE HELP: For help, press * H or * 4. The system states your current options or the next step.



HOW TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE A MESSAGE: Unless you have a message waiting light on your telephone (which most telephones do not) you will be able to tell if you have a message waiting when you pick up your receiver. If you have a message, you will have a stutter dial tone.


USE PLAYBACK CONTROLS: When listening to messages, you have controls for loudness, speed, stepping back and forth, pausing, and repeating messages. See your Reference Guide for details.


DELETE OLD MESSAGES: Your mailbox has limited space. When it's getting full, the system tells you. Only delete your own messages if you have a roommate and leave your roommates' messages so they can retrieve them later. Delete messages or greetings you don't need. Messages left in your mailbox after 10 days are automatically deleted.


RECORD A PERSONAL GREETING: Replace the automatic system greeting with your personal hello. Use both students names when creating your personal greeting. Refer to Using Audix for the First Time as to how to create your personal greeting.


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