English 207:
   World Folktales and Literature   

Dr. Tina L. Hanlon

Associate Professor of English
Ferrum College


"Tell us a thing to make our hearts all glad"

Chaucer, Prologue to "The Nun's Priest's Tale"

Special Events:

Tues., Apr. 4, 7 p.m. “A TASTE OF DIVERSITY” to include Russian "Three Pigs" performance


Women's Leadership Conference
March 20-21

(music, poetry storytelling by Mountain Women Rising on Monday night)


Schedule: Spring 2006

Syllabus: Spring 2006

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Study Guide for Final Exam

Study Guide for Tests

Guidelines for Papers

Extra Assignments for Journals and Optional Readings 

Special Events:

Holocaust class discussion of Jane Yolen's Briar Rose

Thurs., Apr. 6, 2 p.m., Britt 107


Jack Tale Players Performance, Mar. 1, Sale Theatre


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Other Required Pages for this Course

Folktale and Literature Links

Required Pages for this Course:

Grading Criteria for English 207 Essays

Assignments for January 19, 2006

Guidelines for Papers 1 and 2

Project Guidelines

Guidelines for Teaching with Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Fables, Ballads, and Other Short Works of Folklore

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Guidelines for Proofreading:
Marking Symbols and Terms for English Papers

General Guidelines for Writing Literature Papers
(Wait for instructions to specific assignments for this class.)

Pointers for Taking Essay Tests - by Tina L. Hanlon

General Guidelines for Reading and Analyzing Literature - by TLH

Folktales and Children's Literature Links:

Links to Online Texts - read User notes on using web sites

Sur La Lune Fairy Tale Pages - by Heidi Ann Heiner

Allyn & Bacon Anthology of Traditional Literature web site by Judith V. Lechner, editor, 2003. Includes tale texts and lists of picture books.

Background Resources on Folk Literature

Dragons in Children's Literature
Annotated bibliographies by Tina L. Hanlon

AppLit:  Resources for Readers and Teachers of Appalachian Literature. To see examples of links between Appalachian folktales and other tales from around the world (including many online texts), go to http://www2.ferrum.edu/applit/Bibs/Tales.

Annotated Bibliography of Appalachian Folktales in Children's Literature by Tina L. Hanlon

Ferrum Performers Keep Jack Tales Alive
Article by Lana A. Whited and Tina L. Hanlon 

Once Upon a Time in Appalachia: Tom Davenport’s Fairy Tale Films (abstract of 1998 essay online)

Transplanted in Appalachia:  Illustrated Folk Tales by Barry Moser
   (1999 essay, revised 2002 for AppLit)

Feminist Collections of Folktales

How Green was my Bedtime Story: Adaptations of Traditional Literature in Ecological Children's Books
   (bibliography from 1999 essay)

Children's Literature Association. Links page contains valuable links to many kinds of web sites, selected by scholars of children's literature (a reliable place to start Internet research).

Embracing the Child, an extensive site on children's books

Study Guide for Nursery Rhymes and Picture Books

Specific Authors and Works of Literature: see links on schedule page

What Do You Think?

If you have suggestions for study questions, or online resources that my students should consult, click here to send them to me: Dr. Tina L. Hanlon.  If you are in my literature class, the suggestions you send, or your answers to any of the questions, will count as part of your journal writing.

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