English 461: Professional Writing

Spring 2004

Dr. Tina L. Hanlon

Associate Professor of English
Ferrum College


Special Events at Ferrum:

Juan Williams Lecture, Mar. 10

Claudia Stephens Performance,
Mar. 15

Marty Martin Lecture, Mar. 31


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Textbook: Philip C. Kolin, Successful Writing at Work, 7th ed., 2004
Houghton Mifflin web site for this text



Encyclopedia Article Assignment

Biography Samples for Encyclopedias

Guidelines for Proofreading:
Marking Symbols and Terms for English Papers

Ferrum College Foundation Standards (especially Parts I and II)

Optional: Prereading Assignment

Special Events at Ferrum:


Women's Leadership Conference on Global Issues,

Apr. 3, 2004


Philosophy Conference in April

  Resources at Ferrum College:

Academic Resources Center

ARC Tutoring Center

Ferrum College Composition Center

Stanley Library at Ferrum College

Study Guides:

Pointers for Taking Essay Tests

Guidelines for Proofreading: Marking Symbols and Terms for English Papers

Study Skills on the Web - links to resources for improving study skills

General Guidelines for Writing Literature Papers
Includes checklist of marking symbols and examples of proofreading errors (some other pages are designed for sophomore literature classes, but some of the guidelines may be helpful with papers in this class or other classes)

General Guidelines for Reading and Analyzing Literature

Other Resources:

(See also schedule page for resources relating to particular assignments.)

Purdue University Online Writing Lab:

Professional Writing Handouts and Resources

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