Assignment on Jo Carson

Remember that some of these references are available in our library as ebooks. listed in the library catalog with traditional books.

See tribute to Jo Carson with poem "Storyteller" and related links at

Poems in Higgs:

"Lightning," 382-83
"Crows," 245
"Storyteller," 622

Poems to focus on:

In Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet:

Read Preface, Prologue, poems 1 and 2, 9, 11 (this one is also in Her Words), 12, 16 ("Mountain People"), 17( about trees), 19, 20, 22, 23, 26, 30 (junkyard), 39, 41 (potato salad--this one is also in Listen Here!), 54

In Her Words:

"Faith in Words"
People Pieces #11, "went over at George's get some eggs" (this one is also in Carson's book)

Optional readings:

Essay by Jennifer Mooney in Her Words

"Good Questions," Carson's essay in Bloodroot

In Listen Here, pp. 95-105

People Pieces no. 49, "I'm asking you to come back home..."
       "The day I married" (about potato salad)
Excerpt from Daytrips
Excerpt from Maybe

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