English 350: Appalachian Literature  

Final Exam Study Guide

Dr. Tina L. Hanlon

Ferrum College, English Department
Fall 2010

Please note: If you have questions or see mistakes in this study guide, contact the professor as soon as possible. It will not be revised again unless someone finds an error that needs to be corrected.

General Guidelines:

Short Answer Section: 6 questions (50% of test grade)

You must name the author and title of the work if there is an author and these facts are not given in the question. Only  works discussed in class will appear in the short answer section but you may mention other works if that makes sense for the question. One paragraph in answer to the question should be sufficient. See the sample short answer question on the study guide for the midterm in this course.

Essay Questions (50% of test grade):

Particular themes that may appear in exam questions (not necessarily a complete list here):

Review List of Assignments from Second Half of Semester (revision of this list still in progress)

River of Earth by James Still

Belle Prater's Boy by Ruth White

"Between the Lines" by Lee Smith, in the Higgs anthology, vol. 2, pp. 428-37

From Chapter 4, vol. 1, Labor, Wealth, and Commonwealth: poems (including the section on gandy dancing) and the short story by Marat Moore, "Because the Earth is Dark and Deep"

Chapter 5, vol. I, Nature and Progress, especially the poems in this chapter

"Just a Mountain," a song written and sung by author George Ella Lyon on the CD Songs for the Mountaintop (2006) by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (a group of artists and citizens working to end mountaintop removal). You can listen to the song at this link on Lyon's web site.

Chapter 6, Minority and Majority. Below are the poems students chose to discuss in class:

Garry Barker, "My Grandfather Belonged to the Ku Klux Klan" (p. 234)
Jo Carson, "Crows" (245)
Rita Bradley, "I Y'am What I Y'am" (240)
Amy T. Gray, "No Minority" (264)
E. W. Smith, ""My Native Mountains" (230)
D. Chiltoskie, "The New Indians" (225)

Marilou Awiakta, excerpts from Selu in handout (notes on Cherokee tales of Selu and Kanati at this link) and poems in anthology ("When Earth Becomes an 'It'" in Higgs, vol. 1, p. 202)

Cherokee tales told by Carl Lambert in Higgs, vol. 1, 215-19

African American poems

Poems by Frank X Walker and Patricia Johnson on handouts

Nikki Giovanni poem "knoxville, tennessee"

Fred Chappell, "A Prayer for the Mountains"

James Still, "Heritage," vol. 2, p. 741
(also short passage, not a poem, by James Still, "Appalachia," p. 683

Jesse Stuart, "Our Heritage," vol. 2, p. 740

Julie Pennell, "Conflict," vol. 2, p. 720 (compare with G. L. Lyon's "Where I'm From")

Tips on avoiding common pitfalls on tests of this type with paragraph and essay questions:

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