Requirements for Research Papers in Children’s Literature 2013

Dr. Tina L. Hanlon

Associate Professor of English
Ferrum College

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Note: Sections in boldface below indicate requirements that must be fulfilled to earn a satisfactory grade (C or above) on the research paper. Use this page, especially the boldface portions, as a checklist while you complete and edit your paper. The rubric in ANGEL also has two versions of checklists for research papers. A B paper is above average and an A paper is excellent in its fulfillment of these requirements, with a precise,  insightful, well-focused thesis; effective, well-organized examples and discussion to support the thesis; sentences that are smoothly worded and clear; and few or no errors in proofreading or documentation.

Paper Deadline: Tuesday, Dec. 10

College-wide requirements for Writing Intensive courses (in effect beginning with 2005-2006 college catalog):

Students earning grades of C or higher in these courses demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  1. Appropriate presentation of content
  2. Evidence of effective college-level or professional writing skills, including
    1. unified focus and organization
    2. logical development of ideas and arguments
    3. precise and effective wording
    4. standard sentence structure and vocabulary
    5. avoidance of mechanical and grammatical errors
    6. complete and accurate documentation of sources
  3. Ability to adapt writing style to needs of various audiences
  4. Additional elements of format or design appropriate to the discipline and the particular assignment.


December 2, 2013

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